Ley Lines and Self Control

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So my house is on top of a ley line. I have been aware of this for as long as I can remember. Last time the ley lines were open, my spirit guide was sucked in and could not return for weeks. As he is my best friend and a brother of mine from multiple past lives, this was VERY difficult for me. I was only a teen at the time.

Long story short, I have been working with Ankou ---- don’t judge. Somehow Ankou connected me to the Gnomes. The Gnomes are supposed to sort of lead me into my studies. And they are some bossy bastards let me tell you.

They opened the lines. I know you should never anger a gnome. So I can’t go against what they say at this point. I partnered with Ankou knowing the struggle that will come along with it.

I sent my guide and my spirit family to the Summers where I know they will be safe for the time being.

Any suggestions as to how to handle this situation? Will it pass on its own? Or should I try to bargain with the gnomes somehow? They don’t seem like the type to budge :confused:

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

Blessed be xx

Hi, been living over a ley line for 8 years. The river this line is connected to is believed by local natives to be a portal. I can tell i definitely get a lot of wayward spirits, particularly younger ones and fairies.

They like to play jokes but overall my family is aware and we welcome the playful ones.

If you want them to leave you can just ask them to, i always give a parting gift as a “it was nice to meet you, but its time for you to leave my home until invited again” . if i become close to the spirit, as some of them help me during my practice, ill draw up a sigil and invite them to connect with it so i can summon them for a visit.

Ive only ever had one angry spirit come through and it basically took weeks of talking to it and de escelating her. Im a caretaker so im used to having to deescelate situations.

Seriously just talk to them. Just like people. Most paranormal activity goes on because they sense that you sense them and it doesnt matter if you give attentiom willing or they get it by scaring, they dont get much attention and they like it.

I assume this is what you mean. Hope it helps (i noticed fairies really like chocolates and flowers as parting gifts)

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Thank you sooo much!!