Are All Levitation cases out there Real???
Can Demons alter Physical Reality
Can they Interfere with Physical Objects👿

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I don’t know about all levitation cases out there, but I know that spirits can alter physical reality and interfere with physical objects, in ways that would make the poor human mind explode trying to understand how!

Regarding levitation, I personally had a levitation experience in my childhood while I was fully awake and it left physical evidence on my body. So I know for a fact that they can do that, easily, if they want.


Can we As Spirit could do that i always knew Demons could do Anything but wonder could we do that when we’re out Of Body while Astral Projecting …?

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That’s what telekinesis is about, I believe. I didn’t do that myself but I’ve seen enough proof that it can be learned and done. I don’t know if it could happen while we’re out of body or astral projecting.


I’ve Read many Astral forums they Deny that but i believe Demons could do that


Absolutely, you can find a demon to levitate you, or you could try to learn it yourself and rely on your own abilities. There are many Catholic Saints who levitated, some that I know off hand are St. Joseph of Cupertino and St. Alphonsus Liguori.

Gautama Buddha is supposed to have been able to levitate, as well as walk on water and swim on land. He was also capable of changing his size and multiplying his body. These among many other great, mystical, and seemingly impossible abilities. All the Buddhas were mahasiddas, and they will continue to be in the future.


Read franz bardons initiation to hermetics. He teaches you how to levitate.


If these things are possible then why they are not so Popular
Do Govt. Is hiding something from us???

Why still there is doubt of Supernatural Existence???
Or They are just tryin to pretend and wanted to keep this out of the Public Eye

The evidence is out there. But it won’t come to people on its own. If they search and investigate, they will find out.

I don’t believe in the gov. cover-up as the main reason. Because if “they” want to reveal themselves to us, no gov. on earth could stop them. The main reason in my opinion, is because they want to remain hidden. At least from the majority of people.

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