Leviathan Speaks

Usually after I do any work I do this thing called divination. Before anyone gives me crap about my simple deck this was my first one I started working with. Anyway, the art of divination is useful when you do any spells or work and you want an answer on it. I’m working on an Unbinding spell for someone so it’s turning out pretty good.


Do you find that the 3 Tarot card layout reliably predicts the success of your unbinding spells? Do you know it is Leviathon who speaks through the cards? Did the spell involve Leviathon or was it an independent spell working?

I am a heavy Tarot and carto user and just started (or maybe he was lurking all along, don’t know yet) connecting with Leviathon, and I noticed in another post that you brought him in to a working to pass judgment, which he told me is an area of his but I have not noticed others mentioning that side of him… So very curious about you and how you work.