Leviathan Identity

I was doing research on Leviathan. I want to know if anyone can tell me if it is an actual demon/entity. I’ve read on another website that he is not a demon. I’ve read that he is of mythology and is a sea monster. I know the name is mentioned in the Bible.(which i dont use for my magic) I’ve even seen someone say Ctuhlhu is an aspect of Leviathan. As for sigils I’ve seen a number of sigils. Which one is the real one? I want to know the origin before i begin evoking this entity. I have looked at the list of Demons in JoS and they aren’t listed.



Have you tried the invocation?

I ended up on the other posts on this topic. I got the answers i needed.

They are the ancient dragon beings that guard akasha.

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It’s Tiamat.