Leviathan came to me

I had just finished a meditation, and was about to go about my day, when Leviathan came to me. I did not evoke him, nor was thinking about him at all, he just came to me. He wanted to show me some things, the way they are seen from another dimension. A different point of view is all I can describe. So I went with him.

I won’t go into detail of what he showed me right now, because it was quite disturbing vision for the human species, and I didn’t fully understand it anyway. I tried to question him about it, and he explained as best he could, but I still don’t think I got the whole picture.

Anyway, I thought it strange Leviathan, whom I’ve not been trying to contact at all, just decided to pop up and guide me through this vision. I don’t know what it means. Just wanted to share and see if anyone has any thoughts.


Call us Lotan


I think providing some details of the nature of this vision will help to decode why he came… Has he visited again?

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Well, I traveled to another world/dimension, whatever you want to call it with Leviathan. And I was given a view of this world from the outside. The world was very dark and apocalyptic looking, and the humans who were still alive were living horrible, miserable lives. I was not told such a thing, but I got the general impression of doom for the human species. No time frame, unfortunately, that I could figure out. Things didn’t look good, and I have had no contact with Leviathan since then, so there’s really nothing else to go on. It was just a very weird vision and I’m still not sure why it was granted to me.


I have had a few dreams and impressions like this. In my case I have actually seen humanity go into DEEP depravity, very scary stuff that includes kids killing for sport in the streets and murders being so common that there were street sweeping machines that just scooped up the bodies and cleaned up the “debris”. I have also seen a reality where humans were being used as reptilian food! In my case I had the underlying impression that I was being “reminded” that I was supposed to do something to altar these timelines. Perhaps Leviathan was giving you a little nudge to remember you have the ability to see alternate realities and because of this you also have the ability to change the course.


@Ziana, yes, my vision involved a lit of depravity, too, which I hesitated to even speak of at first, but much like some of what you’ve described. I sensed a reptilian tone underlying the whole thing, as well. I haven’t been practicing much the past month, but I’m going to start digging in again soon, and I will be looking further into this. Thanks for your reply.

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You are quite welcome. I tend to visualize and emanate love and light perpetually. I think by doing this I am altering timelines. I’m kind and loving to people and I send gratitude to Mother Earth. I’ve had “battles” with reptilians, if you will… and what I have learned is loving them and beaming light is the best defense :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tip. I’ve a feeling I’m going to need it where I’m going!

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