Letting thing go

Does anyone know of any ritual/meditations that relese you from you past/make you let go of it? Apparently anything I do goes down the toilet b/c I need to let go of the past. Thanks in advance!

When I was studying yoga I did two exercises that were helpful with that - the first amounts to writing out stuff that’s in your past or on your mind, and burning it, in a symbolic act of release.

You can write out a kind of autobiography, giving more attention to what looms large in your mind that precise accuracy or “fairness,” or you can write out letters to specific people (living or dead, including your present, past or “ideal” self) in which you pour out every last trace of the dregs of your feelings, often mixed - some of mine ranged from venomous rants to begging for attention or affection on the very same page!

It’s very important not to self-censor when writing them, not to worry about being “fair” to the other person or considering their feelings in any way if they were to read this (which of course they won’t) and feelings can be very complex, so don’t place any expectations on this being logical, or pretty.

You write those out in full, maybe keep them out of everyone’s sight for a weekend so you can re-read them, go through the emotions again as often as you need to, add bits, make sure everything’s out on the page, and then you burn it.

(Depending on who uses your computer, you can pour the same stuff into a Word doc and then just delete it using a program like Fileshredder or something, and that’s also a decent interim measure when something’s bugging you and you can’t really express it directly to the person, I do that all the time and it helps.)

Another one I did was called Ganga Puja, where you find a spot by a flowing river and pluck petals or leaves from a branch, place the thoughts, bad memories etc., that you want rid of in them, and offer them to the river. Any river can stand in for Ganga Ma in this exercise, so obviously you don’t need to travel to India to do it.

Ganga Puja is a really restful thing when it’s done on issues you definitely want to let go of, and you can perform any suitable ritual acts to support the main activity.

Then there are various initiatory “death” rituals, these are big in paradigms influenced by core or indigenous shamanism, they often revolve round acquiring spirit guidance through trance journeying and then choosing a date, usually a new moon, on which to make a symbolic gesture such as giving away some possessions that represent the “old” you, performing some kind of ritual act (it has to be personally meaningful) and waking the next day, bathing, dressing in new clothing and working to build your “new” life, maybe through undertaking a pathworking or something.

Finally, the most recent exercise I did that was useful was to carefully log everything where I felt my life was out of integrity, and that was once I’d realised I was all over this LHP stuff and wanted to clear out any baggage that didn’t align with my understanding of it all.

I drilled down remorselessly and dug up everything I wasn’t happy with, every shitty little action or whatever I felt unhappy about, and then for each thing either reconciled myself to it, made some kind of practical amends where necessary and appropriate, or came to a deeper understanding that what was bothering me was societal programming and not my actual values etc., around that situation.

That’s not quite in the vein of the others but it was healing and helpful, I felt like that piece of work liberated me from a lot of baggage and muddled thinking, often things that were being misfiled (so to speak) under old or inherited value systems that no longer match my overall thinking about things.

That’s all I have taken from experience, there are probably tons of other methods but these all worked for me at different stages in my life, so I can describe them from experience. :slight_smile:

Emotional Freedom Technique.

My sister has great results with this. Her kinesiologist/naturopath person recommended it.

I’ve had good deprogramming with Louise Hay’s techniques in “You can heal your life.” …And to speed them up, I used this:

Painted the sigil in blood.

Also, in my daily meditations, I work on embedding healthy releasing affirmations since I tend to hold onto negative memories.

The best ritual I’ve taken part in, we all wrote our shit down and chucked it flaming into a container. We joined hands and right after we all released our thoughts/emotions, the tempered glass coffee table let off a sound like a gunshot and fell apart. We all got to pick up glass shards and chunks and de-wax the carpet. Fun times. It felt quite rewarding …and cleansing.

Yup E.F.T’s great …best guy for this is brad yates ,check youtube he even posted a letting go session sometime ago. If you interested I’ll check my archives see if I can dig out some recordings I bought that may be relevant to you situ.

Bring your presence ahead.Not your thoughts or your memories.Check this thread also.

First half of this how is about just that.


So I did the exercise that lady eva recommended it worked beautifully. The emotions that now come up are registered and go away. They only last maybe 5 minutes before disappearing. So thank you for that! Im also triying the exercise that hjo recommended. Hoping this one will work too. Thank you all for your help!