Letter X in my eye

Today I was using a meditative technique to try to change my eye color. My eyes are usually gray/blue. I wanted to go for green. My eyes change color anyway, depending on my mood. I wanted to see if I could change them at will. I’m taking pictures as they progressively get a green tint in them. Then, all of a sudden, a symbol starts to form in my lower left iris. At first it looks like a mountain with smoke, possibly a volcano. Then as I keep working at changing my eye color and taking pictures the symbol becomes an X. This is not picture manipulation. The only thing I’ve done to the picture is put the arrow in, so y’all can find the X. What does this signify? Is there a spiritual meaning to this? Has anyone else got a strange mark in their iris? I read online that it means serpent. Have I been marked? I’m just curious what y’all think. Any thoughts?


Update: My eyes are back to full gray/blue and the X is going away. That is the weirdest, I swear.