Letter of Intent

I performed this ritual once as per @succupedia 's blog post and the letter didn’t burn all the way through I ended up with a burn and my trashcan caught on fire setting off my smoke alarm. safe to say the letter didn’t fully burn lol and I was wondering if A. I can do another one since that trash can got thrown out with the letter and B. will Lilith be mad at me?


also theres apparently a young female spirit who has her eye on me and I was wondering if that might have anything to do with the failed letter

I’m sure @succupedia will chime in when he’s around, but from what he has told me about this method in PM, Lilith is aware of the contents of your letter the moment you address it to Her so there is no need to do another. Just because the letter didn’t burn, doesn’t mean the ritual failed. The burning of the letter is more for you than Her. Consider it simply a way of letting go of your request. Did you sit in silent contemplation, awaiting the presence of the succubus as the ritual indicates (after dealing with the fire, of course) or did you just call it quits? The young female spirit could very well be the one sent by Lilith in response and she’s just waiting for you to acknowledge her.


A: You don’t have to do another ritual, because:

…that answer it, as far as I can interpret it. It, apparently, worked, despite the ritual being “unsuccessful” according to yourself.

B: Have you experienced the wrath of Lilith yet? I think not, so there’s no reason to even think about that. You don’t want to realize that thought, either, so put that aside and focus on the success of the ritual. It didn’t failed, because you set your intent long before you finalized the ritual, or else you wouldn’t recognize the young female spirit, would you? You didn’t fail. It was a SUCCESS.

Now, build up that relationship with the female spirit. You’ve got what you looked for. :slight_smile:


Another thing to take note on these kind of rituals, is that a lot of things can happen during preparations. Especially when it comes to fire and burning things up:

There’s a lot of stories of burning letters blowing up in the face, fire alarms getting triggered and small fires getting started by this ritual. And these kind of events doesn’t mean it’s a failure. On the contrary, it can be considered a notification on a successful ritual with the spirits involved, having fun at your own expense. If it still worked as intended, consider these event a fun experience to share to your fellow black magicians.


Alright I will. I also have another question for you. She and I are having trouble in bed. Aka I can’t feel her aside from a tiny bit of pressure. Do you have any ideas for how I could feel her more?

Acknowledge that physical pressure, and keep focusing on it. The more you focus, the more physical it will get. And don’t be afraid to close your eyes, because that is when things could start happening. If you feel anything that resemblance sleep paralyses or partial paralyses - in a waken state - let it pass through. Trust that she knows what she’s doing.



Thanks man I appreciate it alot

I’m scared that she’s not real and I’m just tricking myself. How can I get a surefire way of knowing that it’s her talking?