Lets work on Remote viewing

I have been obsessed with the term remote wieving over a year, I also give tarot readings for living and i started to see my customers houses when I first tarted giving readings everyone was shocked. So I also started to cleanse djinns from their houses for a few people as well.( but they show up again in a few days that is like I am intimidating them) anyways I just want to hear everyones stories, problems and te styles for remote viewing.

I already searched the forum but I want this topic to be very detailed so we can try to get inside or guess each others houses.

My style is that I have my own asral temple and my astral body has wings so I have door made of ametist which leds my way to visit any house I wish to go.

I usually prefer going to places where I know all the details, my customers sometimes sending their rooms picture If they wish me to cleanse their houses, sometimes I see houses clear but the places where I know is the bliss.

I do not know how but I was luckt enogh to empower my astral senses so when I go inside my ex house I search for the rooms and find him I am.neve alone so I have my demon with me when I visit the houses and I go with my serpent as well.

I was sneaky enough to draw some runes inside his house when I was there as well
You can even run into spirits if the house has any

So if anyone has questions please ask, if anyone has experinces please share.

lets see if we can scan or view each others houses, I know everyone has a demon in this forum so it should be harder:)


Hope it becane good topic.


I’m studying Controlled Remove Viewing (CRV), which is a specific type of remote viewing.

It contains no woo at all, you just follow the structure to get descriptors, and wait to analyse at the very end of the session, so you try not to identify anything until the end. Identifying is the job of the conscious, and it can leap to conclusions too early and have fun building ‘castles’ in the sky that obscure the target if you let it.

Instead of no-content one liners, I recommend the LIke feature to avoid thread clutter and keep the thread information dense, as we are asked to do in the ‘Keep it Tidy’ section of the FAQ on this forum.

I’m not sure what his means, and it’s not the case that everyone here works with “demons”,
They don’t automatically create shields unless you ask them to, and a lot of people don’t put up shields or wards either.

In all cases, all you have to do as an RVer, is ask your subconscious “what is the block hiding” to find out.


Most of the people in this forum has shield