Let's Unleash the Beast

We all have problems but who tell us we have problems a hidden inner voice that is under our command…
Overall we ourselve limit outselves tell ourself there’s nothin more and we miss tha chance of discovering something new and Forget that there’s still more to See…
I’m 10% Human and 90% Beast
Together we could change the World…
Let’s share our abilities,chracterstics and the things we’re proud of the ,Moments of past that make us proud and we say ourselve “That Mr.Me there was a time when everybody tried to put you down but you didn’t gave up and hold the stand and refused to gave up, limit and blame yourself…cause this wasn’t you…You’re Uncommon”
Instead of followin the herd of sheep I chose to Be The Lion and follow the path of my alone
Follow the path less travelled like a Wolf
I chose to be tha Beast
I chose to be Leon S.Gill
Share Your Story…


Remind me to post this thread 5 years later today :+1: