Lets talk

Ive had a strange feeling for some time that I need to be talking to someone here, or someone has some juicy info for me or something. Im talking i’ve had this itch for a good two weeks at least. Possibly since the days leading up to 11/11.

I have no clue what this might be about, so lets just talk and let it flow? What/who are you working on/with? Any fun new accomplishments or visions? Pro tips or fun facts to share?

Ive been working with Lilith a lot more lately, personally. I’ve been opened up the the gaurdians of her secrets and am working through them right now. She tore a light down from my ceiling recently, that was fun. Kali also. She almost burnt my house down but I was sick recently also and listening to her chants was the only thing that could ease me enough to sleep one of those nights.

I also made a friend on the astral in a way unique to me. There is no border for me with them between person and spirit. They are a child of Lilith and Eris, and when we met she got me very inebriated on some strange drinks and we went out flying.

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What a coincidence, before reading this and i was thinking about lilith. I haven’t worked with her yet, but i know that she’s around me. Kinda familiar about the flying part because i was flying through a forest and i saw her in the middle of it.

Hello, that’s a pretty interesting experience for you. Would you know her if you saw her human form?

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I hear a lot of people debate her lineage but I definitely see her as born of the wind. I think there is a lot of similarities between her and the furies (and Eris is also in that link for some reason). I have gone flying with her a few times. On a tangent (as if everything im saying hasnt been a tangent), I know a lot of people here debated on whether she is a parasite or not. Personally I know her to be a bit of a leech, but not in the negative sense. She does suck energy, bad and unnecessary energy. Also she does a lot of transmutation. If you are someone who wishes to hold onto your energy for one reason or another Id suggest staying away.

@Angelb1083 im not sure who you’re replying too lol

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I don’t know if i called this a dream but i remember i was stuck on this void and she pulled out of it. She told me that i need to control my power. @ErisKissedMeIntoFrog

If you see her I would suggest working with her. She is very kind, loving, and strong. She is great with working through past trauma and blockages.


Someone told me that she reaches out for her children. @ErisKissedMeIntoFrog


Of this im not sure! Ive only been working with her for a short time. I know she came to me through one of her children who I am now dating. Sorta just barged right into my life, much like how she tore that light down. I do not consider myself her child but who knows.

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You because the post above me wasn’t showing due to bad internet here.

Everytime she comes or feel her i get that motherly feel to her. @ErisKissedMeIntoFrog

I think it would depend on if she wanted me to recognize her.