Let's Talk: Time Magick

A topic that’s been on my mind recently has been the concept of time magick. It’s a known thing that magick and spirits are outside of time and they don’t have to play by it’s rules. But I have a theoretical concept that would be extremely useful if proven true. What if you created a servitor who could relay information throughout time? Some situations it’d make sense to be able to, like let’s say it relayed the answers on a test after it’s been taken. That sounds theoretically possible. BUT! What about major events that occur that can be prevented? Like let’s say the servitor relays that your friend dies in a car accident next Saturday. Would you be able to prevent that friend from driving that day? But then it leads to a paradox. How was I able to send the information to a previous me to stop an event if that event never occurred? Multiple timelines? Anyways, share your thoughts on all this time shit below, and try to be a bit in depth.

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Personally I don’t believe in time magick or multiple timelines atleast in the sense that there are various timelines that exist next to our own but rather there are slinters in a single timeline that cease to exist at the point of choices being made.

A servitor that can go back in time? theoretically possibly but if we ourselves cannot change the past it’s highly unlikely for a servitor to, gain information from the future? it’ll most likely see multiple choices and answers with the concept of the future not being written in stone it’ll see in theory all the possibilities of that single event.


Please read the book Space/Time Magick by Taylor Ellwood. The time current, also known as Retroactive Magick, is indeed a “real thing,” but it isn’t quite what you think. Ellwood is one of the pioneers of this particular subset of the Chaos Magick paradigm and can explain how it works.


That’s just one scenario. Another would be that your friend dies in a car crash, which causes you to send the information of your friend’s car crash to your past self in the hope that you will prevent it, only to find out that you were the cause of your friend’s car crash in the first place, thus continuing the loop.

Have you read much about causal loops? The Bootstrap Paradox, the Predestination Paradox, the Grandfather Paradox? There’s a lot to consider.

There was a paper recently published called, “Reversible dynamics with closed time-like curves and freedom of choice” that claims that paradox free time travel is theoretically possible, in that timelines are essentially self-correcting.

You can google the paper but if you’re not into reading through all of the physics involved there’s a decent plain-english article that talks about the paper and uses the covid pandemic as an example:

Take the coronavirus patient zero example. “You might try and stop patient zero from becoming infected, but in doing so, you would catch the virus and become patient zero, or someone else would,” Tobar told the university’s news service.

In other words, a time traveler could make changes, but the original outcome would still find a way to happen — maybe not the same way it happened in the first timeline but close enough so that the time traveler would still exist and would still be motivated to go back in time.

“No matter what you did, the salient events would just recalibrate around you,” Tobar said.

Source: Paradox-Free Time Travel Is Theoretically Possible, Researchers Say

So, theoretically, you could save your friend from the car crash, without creating a loop, and the timeline would correct itself by say, having someone else die in the crash instead of your friend… maybe even you. One of the Futurama movies dealt with this, kind of lol.


Yeah I’ve heard of time “correcting” itself. What I wonder most though is, what causes these events to be corrected? What is making them always happen, despite the efforts for them not to? Some type of fate or destiny perhaps?

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I think time applies to the spirit world as well. There’s only a few spirits/deities such as the three Moirai and Tiamat that aren’t really affected by time. Everything eventually returns back to the “source”. Pleroma is timeless but it’s beyond form and spirits as you know them to be.

Well, the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle essentially states that it’s impossible to change history via time travel. Any encounter with a paradox, the likelihood of that event happening is zero.

If you went back in time in an attempt to change an event, or even created a servitor to relay the information of the event, the past event still cannot be changed because any action that you take has already happened, it’s (you, the servitor) already a part of the past. Your friend will always die in the car crash. There is nothing to correct because the likelihood of any event happening that would need correcting is zero.

Fate? Destiny? Free Will? I don’t know. It’s a bit above my undergrad brain’s pay grade lol.

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send a servitor back in time to stop myself from being born

Tfw grandfather paradox

Time is an illusion our brains need to exist in their current form. All choices are already made and everything has already occurred we are simply experiencing it. There are infinite paths and we simply choose the path to experience. With this in mind sending information to the past can certainly be done and so can predicting the future which is what the field of divination is focused upon. You simply change what timeline you are within when you act upon the information and ‘change’ the future you experience. The alternative future happens of course but not to the version of yourself that you are experiencing reality through.

In practice you don’t want to send information to the past because that locks your mind in linear time. Instead focus on knowing the future and build your intuition and divination. Meditate on alternate realities and timelines until you can see and observe them. You will get a perception from this that comes quite naturally.