Let's talk succubus and incubus

I’ve never experienced one. I find it a fascinating topic especially after watching a video conversation between Orlee Stewart and JD Temple on the topic. Most would assume having one around is simply about sexual gratification but apparently not. Apparently there are other substantial benefits. I always assumed that someone my age (mid 50’s) would probably have a heart attack and die soon after experiencing a succubus a few times as allegedly they draw off your energy and leave you spiritually exhausted as well as physically. Apparently that is not true either (Or is it? Please advise.).

Why do I ask? Here’s my life situation. I am a government contractor and I work on overseas projects in some pretty remote places. I see my family about twice a year for 2 week. I have a wife and 2 kids. Mostly I work 84 hour weeks and I am pretty damned lonely most of the time, not just sexually but…well…hell yes sexually too. I am also into this magick thing we all talk about and trying to grow in the craft. Apparently, a succubus might fill a few different needs in my life. First, having a hot young partner who can change shape is not a bad deal. One that does not need plane tickets whenever I travel and can go along. One that is compatible intellectually as well. And not the least of all - one who can advise me magically? And very importantly, one that will not get (humanly) jealous when I go home and spend time with my wife.

Am I misreading what all this succubus stuff is all about? Or am I getting close to the actual situation? And again, if it is not going to deplete my old man’s spiritual battery to have one around…

Anyone who has had one - please advise.

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Have you tried the search function in the upper right? There are a lot of threads dealing with this topic, that can probably answer your questions about it.


It’s a good option in your situation. There are some really good threads on the topic, on Evocations and the terms of the contract.

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Have you gotten anything? I want to say that me and you are in pretty much the same boat!

…in a fashion

Petition Lilith. Ask that your succubus be ok with you having a family write down your requests

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