Let's Talk About Magical Tech (Tech Discussion Thread)

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Does anybody here know of Omnimancy? The type of magic where it is energy manipulation to create parts of a system that is the spell in sci-fi ways of construction?


Well then LET ME DIRECT YA: http://www.omnimancy.com/phpBB3/index.php

It’s actually a pretty cool system and very worthwhile to follow up on. Note: I am not an Omnimancy student, but have devised some pretty “basic” tech.

I also believe it requires a certain amount of practice. Multiple times I got the inverse of the desired result, but the most basic one that has worked is the rainstorm one I casted before writing up this post:

Guess what? Now it’s a major storm that’s battering my house and has lasted for two hours at the time of writing! It’s made floods and lightning, too!

One day I’ll become an Omnimancy student but there’s a code of secrecy, so I wouldn’t be able to share anything outside of other Omnimancers. But I’d like this thread to be about those of us who actually use some of the magic outlined in this system, our ups and downs, what parts worked for us and what didn’t.

Let me call up my Rainstorm spell and dissect it: Note, you may only understand these terms after reading around on the forum I linked. When you do, come back and read this spell. It might make a ton more sense.

Basic things to begin. I made it a blue sphere, with tethers to the moon, sun, and nearest ley line. I shattered the tether to myself that it had, then made those three combine at one point- the “power duct”.

Under the hood, I placed a time acceleration field. Why? Because then from the time of the energy entering the spell to the time where the delivery method occurred, would become 0 seconds. It was instant.

I included an “on-off” switch, and left it in off until the spell was complete. Then it was turned on and the magic happened.

Every little duct in the spell used multidimensional qualities to allow any amount of energy in.

So, the power duct, where all the three tethers combined, split into five parts, powering each separate system. Here’s how I wired the spell:

An “energy condenser” packed the energy more tightly, squeezing it together for a greater concentration, before sending it to the “type changer”. What that part did was it changed the gathered energy into water energy and made it humid. That was then passed onto yet another condenser before dropped into a “transport box”. The transport box had thirty small capsules that would make the energy even more condensed, and had holes so that as it traveled (the max distance was 5 miles) it dispersed this energy, charging it with the intent to bring rain.

After all of the energy had been wasted, the capsules would return to the transport box to be filled again.

It worked brilliantly.

And the direction I tossed it in? For some fucking reason I can’t explain, that part of the sky is yellow.

So, tech works.

Now… can we discuss this? Any points to be made, questions, parts, etc?

Stride forth,

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Yes Sev you just joined this forum like this year? That’s a shitload of posts. I’m offtopic.

Using Binaural beats are amazing. Great ways to induce different trance states. In fact, the Monroe Institute have their own types of beats that get you into states made for astral projection or astral phasing.

Another good one is an electroencephalogram (EEG for short). It measures brainwave activity which is a good measurement to help you control these trance states and actually show that you are progressing within them.

Thermometer: Any type of thermometer works to show you what kind of control you have of internal element control. I have seen Martin Faulks’s videos of him controlling the heat within his body. I think the method is called Tummo, but again, you can learn this in Franz Bardon books. Shows how hot it gets and how cold it gets. Making yourself sick at will. Suitable for Fire and water elements.

Scale: Shows you control of the earth and air elements in which you’ll be able to make your body lighter or heavier at will with control of those two elements.

There are many more that I would like to go through, but i’ll post them later. I’ll just use one more.

Those Radionics machines.

These are the things Uncle Chuckie uses for badass domination. Using this to generate chi and send it off for some kind of desire of such is pretty powerful.

I find this chi generator here amusing:


This tab is up quite often. I joined in JANUARY. TWO MONTHS AGO, people.

I’m bad at math, how many posts is that a day?


Another interesting thing to note is that Omni’s don’t even use trance. The leader, LordArt, mentioned somewhere he was able to verify a piece of tech and determine what was wrong with a student’s spell while driving.

I’m actually thinking about using a tweaked version of a thermometer as a way for a spell to self-contain. Constructing a thermometer and a scale and use them as the regulators of the spell to keep it self-sustainable, and then attach a concentration or even a consciousness tether to keep the two connected.

Hey, someone want to try making a radionic machine…spell?

I think you joined on my birthday, oddly enough.

Anyhoo, I tried using cybershaman for about a day before I said fuck it. Im currently looking into modding and repurposing a theremin for these sorts of things though.

That’s cool!

If you want, I have an idea for a certain piece of tech and what you are looking into may be able to affect it.

Can you program the theremin’s energy to have certain types/shapes of energy within? Because if so, then I can add receptors (like in cells) to that specific makeup and have your machine activate the tech.

It sounds like it could be pretty interesting, now that I think about it…

You posted (If you came here on January 1st) About 14.2 times a day.

Keep us updated on that Omnimancy stuff. Sounds interesting. I bet Lord Art made that post up though. No proof hah.

Also, it sounds pretty darn technical to do that stuff.

That’s… Wow, I really DO need to wean off of being on this forum so much.

I’m not even a student! These little machines I’m just making because I had the ideas for them.

It is very technical- it was described as being sci-fi fans who are mages. Attachment in some cases blurs the outcome, but Omnimancy’s work isn’t really a “spell” so much as a “bunch of energetically created parts working together to achieve a goal”.

Gazes at the cut on thumb

Will report back tomorrow to see how the regeneration spell I put on this thing works.

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:5, topic:2919”]That’s cool!

If you want, I have an idea for a certain piece of tech and what you are looking into may be able to affect it.

Can you program the theremin’s energy to have certain types/shapes of energy within? Because if so, then I can add receptors (like in cells) to that specific makeup and have your machine activate the tech.

It sounds like it could be pretty interesting, now that I think about it…[/quote]

Well, the tricky part about a theremin is that it only works if its in direct contact with an electrical field (i.e. a person). It doesnt really put out its own stuff, just amplifies whatever energy happens to be going into it, then compresses it and puts it out as an audible pitch, and it can only put out one pitch at a time. Granted, that pitch can modulate up and down a lot, but its still just one note, and in a musical sense, most spiritual constructs are made up of chords. So in the end, Im probably gonna need between 3 and 5 theremins each playing a specific frequency within the “chord” that will construct the tech. THEN ill probably have to run them all through a looping machine to keep the chord playing constantly.

So, within the circuits themselves, Im going to have to design several “filters” that will take that initial input, and then bend it to whatever particular quality I want. Its going to involve several crystals, one being smokey quartz and one being amethyst…Id definitely like to hear about your receptor idea though.

I may be in over my head…not only do you have to be an intelligent magician for this, but you also have to be a fairly knowledgeable electrician, sound designer and circuit-bender all in one. Maybe Im making things too complicated?

Intelligence and creativity, when it comes to magic, are synonyms.

Electrician… bah, I have no clue. Wrong guy to ask.

My receptor idea is that you program a basic field around the instrument, so that whenever it gives off a note, a particular shape of energy is expelled by the field in all directions. By looking at a cell, we can see that there are receptors for when a hormone is released.

Those receptors could easily be in a stationary spell that you have going, that you need to activate at any given time. For instance, let’s take the “massive energy generator” concept. The receptors in that spell, which really only takes energy from a lot of different areas, could be triangular.

The field you place around the theremin could emit the triangular spell “hormone” like a sound wave, and whatever spells/programs you have running will act in a certain way based on the change you want the triangular spell hormone to make.

Let’s go back to the energy generator. Let’s say if you wanted to add a particular source of energy to it’s gatherings, you’d play the theremin with the intent to change where the spell can draw from. Then the field releases the hormone impregnated with intent, which is then intercepted by the spell and it draws from that new place.

You could also use this for attack, as well. Let’s say that the release of the triangle hormone around one theremin throws up shields, the square hormone lowers shields, the circle hormone attacks and the star hormone stops attacking. Granted, you’d need four theremins for this, or just four different fields with different activation clauses, but by playing a note you could throw up a shield around everything in a specific radius, with no energy maintenance by you?

I have a boat full of ideas for this kind of thing.

This is essentially what Im working towards. Thing is, with your methods I could do this with any instrument if I really wanted to, but Im trying to make a machine that would need only preliminary input from me, (charging, etc) then after flipping a switch, could work continuously for years afterwards with no input if I chose so…thats where being able to reprogram specific circuits comes in. Im fascinated by the fact that the theremin takes a simple electrical impulse and compresses it to a pitch…I KNOW theres an awesome magical application in there somewhere for it, but at this point I may be better off just using a guitar and a looping pedal.

Hell, we could translate spells into songs! Or vice versa!

We’d be the best band the world has ever seen, lol. Each song a spell to make them love us even more!

A diabolical plan for ruling the world by way of theremin.

This was recorded over the summer, anybody who listens to the album always asks, “why is there that one weird spacy, trippy track in the middle of all the songs?” I usually just say we were high, but the truth is that this is what came out while I was trying to get Azazel to appear in the studio. (lol)
Definitely not a song in the traditional sense, I still feel the demonic king’s presence whenever I play it. Im definitely curious to see if this is the case for everyone else. If so, then it was a success!


Let me get this straight: You tried to evoke Azazel in a studio, and THIS came out?!

Because when I took a listen, I felt a dark lizard thing appear on my shoulders, and it kept repeating: “Yes. Follow the shade, will leave victory in trade.”

Don’t know what the FUCK that thing was, but disappeared when the song was over.

Belial manifested next to me while listening to it, so something is DEFINITELY up with that song. It felt like to me that the bubbles of reality were being popped, if that makes sense.

It feels like waking up from a bad TG in my early days.

VERY interesting! I initially had thought that the working had failed, because so much was going on at the moment that I really couldnt get into T/G sync. Later that night I asked A why he didnt respond, and if it was due to failure on my behalf, and he just said “The energy of the area was unsuitable, so I chose instead to send my helpers”

I liken Omnimancy to Psionics. They are pretty darn similar in that you can make constructs with Psionics which are basically types of things you’d make with Omnimancy. Coincidence? I think not!

I like your band Lotus. Sort of like Desert Rock meets Coldplay lol. Reminds me of Yawning Man for some reason

Thank you, Yawning man is the bees knees, so I’ll let the coldplay comparison slide :wink:

Not quite. You see, Omnimancy is devoted to getting the quickest results it can possibly manage- and a good example posted is the difference between a shovel and a car. A shovel is a construct, something shaped to perform a task, and a car would be tech- a bunch of little constructs made to do one big thing.

You see, “materials” also come into play, which is basically the type of energy structure you use in the spell. Now, I don’t know much about “hard magic” (or what the astral organs are made of) but all of my spells to date and most likely most of all of ours have been “gaseous magic”.

And plus, that’s not psionics, that’s chaos magic. Psionics are very simple versions of tech (thoughtforms) that take a lot longer to manifest.

Chaos magic creates servitors, which have “all the utility of a spirit and are under your command.” Omnimancy, however, works to get the fastest results with only you as the operator: no other variables. That’s why it is quickly becoming my favorite system of magic- it’s incredibly like magic from a fantasy, but much more real and scientific.

And plus, psionics has a lot to do with PHYSICAL machines and programming the energy of the universe, where omnimancy makes magical machines from a lot of little thoughtforms that change the fabric of reality.

Update: So a few days ago I almost severed my thumb while cooking some steaks.

Being insane, I decided I’d just wrap my thumb in a paper towel and cast a spell to regenerate it.

I won’t get into the specifics of it until I can replicate it, but two days after almost chopping my thumb off, the cut is hardly noticeable and the skin around it has recovered entirely.

I’ve had things better than this take a week or two to fully heal.

Tech is really neat! It’s a lot of creativity combined with a splosh of apathy in the working.

Try it.


Go go gadget Hexing Amp!

In this post I’ll take my Regeneration spell and Hexing Amp and chop them into little itty bitty pieces for all to see.

So, let’s begin with the regen.

The containment field, which is really just the area of the spell, was my thumb. I made the mental connection a bandage, and tethered it to the sun and moon so it would have power through the day and night. The tethers split off into little tubes, each going into a pore on the bandage spell. Inside the pores, multidimensional concepts were used to expand on the inside as needed and the material was water energy, to keep it flowing through the typechanger (healing energy) and distribute it into the cut.

I made a half dozen pores on the bandage and set the timer.

The Hexing Amp is a different matter. Unlike the bandage it is designed to remain on, FOREVER.

I created the field around my head and tethered it to the sun, moon, and as many stellar objects as I could find. The energy was transported in metallic tethers, which then entered the Amp. Inside the Hexing Amp is a field that turns all of the energy into darkness and lets it roam free.

It’s got a manifestation port, which is designed to bring more darkness to the area and charge it for spells. The manifestation port is a combined little tech itself- it’s a “shadow magnet” which attracts dark energy and an “ambient buffer” which supercharges the darkness.

It’s got a lot of small contraptions to keep energy efficiency up and time for the hex to take action is minimized, those are really up to the imagination, but I’d like to discuss the segment that’s over the Third Eye.

THAT is where the magic quite literally happens. That chakra’s emissions become infused with darkness via conscious thoughts, and through simple visualization they are applied to the situation at hand.

So…yeah. DO IT.


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