Lets share our supernatural experiences!

Hay, so I just got the idea of making a thread where we list the craziest phenomena that have occurred to us since we began with the occult or even before!

List em below! :laughing:


The first experience I had was years ago, i was around 16. I was just starting to research into demonology, and was searching for entities. Long story short, I asked for a sign. I had a trippy dream, moral I believe was familiar faces, and im unclear on their intentions. At the end, a familiar face had black eyes that shook me to the core. He told me to ask. I got super spooked from that, and chilled out for a little while. But im like a moth to flame with this stuff lol


To begin with i am not sure the word Super- Natural is accurate. Supra- natural seems best, but ulimately who cares.

When I was 15 I was on a survival trip in southern utah Canyonlands. About evening we decided to climb out of a canyon we were in, 3-400 ft walls on each side. Sandstone all the way.
In typical fashion i split with the group as I thought their route was not really doable, and I thought I found alot better route, i began about 1/4 mile from the group, by the time i got to within 6 ft from the top i was easily a mile away, I could barely hears any echos from them.
It was fully dark by then and the sandstone was a weak crumbling hell which often went out from beneath me or my hands and feet, and luckily i could manage not to simply fall all the way to the bottom.
By the time I got to about 6 feet, i coulld barely see, was exhausted and totally in fear as i couldl not afford to slip, because I would have no way to prevent from free falling all the way to the bottom- and be very dead.
I was working on tiny little toe holds and finger holds, which usually would hold me for afew seconds before crumbling away. finally i had totry to jump enough that my left hand would be able to grab the top of the cliff, because at the same time- my feet and right hand holds fell away, and i was swalloing my hear by this time. As i through my left hand over the top I grabbed anything I could in hopes it was strong enough to hold me long enough to hopefully not simply head for the bottom. I Thrust my hand over, and grabbed, blind to anything and just hoping, i remembered my hand stung abit but my main focus was knowing my right hand and both feet were on nothing as it crumbled away, i knew i was a goner as my left hand was following the rest of me.
Right at that moment, something “big and strong” grabbed the back of my pants and belt, and instead of free fall, I was hurled over the top landing face first in the sand. I kinda chuckled and said, “Good timing Chuck !” Chuck was our guide, and really respected my and we worked well together, so, only Chuck could have pulled that off. As I began to relax, I noticed, Silence, no pthy words from Chuck. i raised my head and at first noticed I was about 8 feet from the edge, then, no Chuck, No noone! I was completely alone, i then started processing messages from my hand, i was giving a death grip to e little sections of a prickly Pear Cactus. my head began to spin and my heart began to race, and i spider crawled backwards from the edge another 10 feet or so, still clutching that damn cactus! I sat there for some time trying to make sense of anything, but other than thinking “God” had somehow reached down and caught me and threw me over the edge, I had no clue.
After abit of time i decided to get up and follow the sounds of the group, while also trying to pull cactus spikes from my throbbing hand and fingers, (for the next week !) .
i think if it were not for that event in my life, i could pretty easily agree with alot of the Atheist arguments i listen to. i am now of the opinion it was a Demon, they seemed most active in my life. When I bring this up on atheist groups, I do so only in the position of, “Lets say it is not “God”, no angels or anything- The event happened, but what happened”. I usually get folks who just toss it out and say it is all just “woo woo”, pretty scientific if you ask me. NOT
but I have decided that Atheists are not so much backed by science, as they are “Lacking Experiance”.
Any way- that is one experiance in my life, which was not asked for, meditated for until my mind begins creating beings pictures etc.
Would I try it again?? hell no!!! That was my last climb, and I am perfectly happy with being called a chicken shit. I do Repel down, jump into lakes or whatever- climbing- nah.