Let's see your altars!

I saw there was a topic related to this but it looks like it was made all the way back in 2018 and it seems like we need a new thread rather than bumping a 2 year old thread.

With that said, lets see pictures of your altars!

Here’s mine. It’s hard to see but the woman in the frame on the left is Lilith. I keep all of my incense, tarot cards, and magickal supplies on her side of the altar because she represents the moon, femininity, and magick. On the right is Lucifer and sitting next to him is a bust of Julius Caesar because these things represent the Masculine Luciferian warrior spirit that I often like to channel when working with him. I also have a bunch of silver in the chalice and offering cup because I recently did a money spell.

We really don’t need a new thread to clutter the forum. The original is still in use, the last post being only two weeks ago.

@Lady_Eva can this be merged into the mega thread?

That one is still active though! :+1:

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