Let's see where this takes me

I made a sigil for making money while doing my playing card readings. I’ve gained a lot of positive results from everyone here and I want to let you guys know I will never charge anyone on the forum for a reading. Not only that I think it’s against one of the rules😅. I’ll charge the sigil later tonight and leave it charged to build up energy. Then I’ll burn it and forget it. After that I’ll keep working on my goal to get money from readings.

The main reason I want money from this is because I can turn it into a cycle. I do readings➡️I get money➡️I buy candles incense and other tools for my practice. It seems like a healthy cycle to me.

Here is what the sigil looks like if you’re curious.

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You are correct on that.

I actually got materials to make my own candles it’s pretty calming I find.

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Tell me more. I have no idea how to make a candle.

Sounds pretty healthy to me … infact u can charge people for a reading on YouTube mate …

All the best

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I’ll send in DM so we don’t derail your thread.

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Heard that, if, someone, stares, at, a, sigil they, can, charge it, too

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Is this a bad thing?

Nope its, totally okay, for me… I stared long, to deliberately charge, it

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Why thank you!

Wanna see us, all succeed man

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You’ve admitted to having been reading for only a month, but you want to charge for it now? :thinking:

That seems a bit…premature to me. Why the rush?

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Think, he, said, he, wont

I’m not sure. I feel like my confidence is sky high! Your right about rushing it. I’ll keep it at a pace than. Also I just really like doing readings. So why not make money doing what I love?

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You’ll be very successful in this without a doubt!! :clap::clap:
Where the passion flows the money goes!!

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Most legitimate readers try to build a reputation first, before trying to charge people money. There are very good readers on this forum who have been reading for several years, but who have only recently decided they were good enough to charge.

Having high confidence is all well and good, but it does not mean your readings are professional level. Reading for a month is barely enough time to get your feet wet, let alone to truly understand the depth of what the cards are capable of.

When people pay for a reading, they expect way more for their money than what you have been providing here.

My advice, if you actually want to be successful and not just a flash in the pan, is to go out into the real world, and offer free readings. Set yourself up at a table in a park, or a New Age festival, and get practice reading for real people, not just faceless names on the internet. Before he started charging money, EA read for everyone and anyone who even approached the subject, family, friends, and strangers on the street (as discussed in his Divination course).

I don’t mean to sound critical, and there’s nothing stopping you if you really feel you want to do it, there are readers on fiverr selling such services, but, in my opinion, you need more experience in the nuance of the cards and different types of questions/situations before asking for money.


I don’t know if this is relevant, but I want time made a luck archetype to help me in poker. It worked wonders, and if you try to use the tool as less of an overcast of luck and more of a tool it has some pretty good results

Manipulating your mindset is also very important

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you meant you were cheating in poker. because you said making money with playing cards. Anyways, it’s not cheating at all to set up stuff to help you get money.

You are absolutely right. This takes time. I’ll take your advise seriously. And don’t worry about being critical. I prefer people being straight up and honest with me. I think I was getting way ahead of myself because I called on vassago for help and he started to pull some strings so I believed that I could do anything with these cards lol!


No I read with the playing card. Like tarot