Lets hear about your past lives!

In the same country

I was thinking that you were possibly Jack the Ripper.

Egyptian priestess. Fell in love with Imhotep and got killed for it.

Italian noblewoman over and over, for centuries. Practiced stregheria in secret with other highborn women. Lived in Tuscany (a trip to Florence gave me three days of severe flashbacks) and in Venice.

Torch singer at a nightclub in Chicago. I had flame-red hair and a matching dress…and a substance abuse problem.

Parisian-born ballerina. I was too curvy for French ballet companies so I went to New York and fell into the burgeoning punk subculture (it was the 1970s). My non-punk friends would drag me to Studio 54. I still hate disco.


I’ve been having dreams of murder guilt throughout my life. I never killed anyone in this life so I don’t exactly know where they came from.

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Well who could blame you for having a little fun at work? :sunglasses: :innocent:

Edit… I don’t have time to add my CONFUSION to this atm but I will, Good idea for a posting may I say well done :+1:


My past life was somebody who was a part of a Han Chinese sect involved with the “dog” of the Chinese zodiac.


No. I was looking to understand that but I’m not that one. And is not my style I like more hard stuff not a cut throat :wink:

Maybe you oi was a serial killer…

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I’m not going to lie. I loved being a corrupt son of a bitch and I loved burning protestants even more than witches which is ironic considering I would have been considered a “witch” or a sorcerer back then if I were transported to that time period in my current incarnation. Although that’s something I need to put behind me because it’s left an impression on my soul leading to me being incredibly judgmental which is something I need to shed.


I was an Austrian nobleman who died from a scrotal charlie horse.

OOF :dizzy_face:

In 1246, I was born a warlock named Cornelius.
My father was the high priest of a village that worked with demons.
One night, the Knights Templar attacked my village killing everyone.
I escaped with my staff and the family grimoire.
Devastated and enraged, I’ve decided to avenge my people.
I took shelter in an abandoned cottage where I carried out my plan.
With my magic, I created an underground dungeon and summoned demons from Hell.
Every night, the demons would bring a priest or nun to my dungeon.
The prisoners were either tortured or starved to death.
In 1281, my dungeon was somehow discovered and I was arrested by the Knights Templar.
As I burned at the stake, I swore that I will have my revenge.
Truth be told, I don’t want to stoop to Cornelius’ level.
But I feel that working with demons is right for me.
I will never forgive the Church for what it did to my village, yet I refuse to make the same mistake twice.


Sounds like a D&D story.


what did i just read

I don’t remember if I have or not a past life, I like to keep the focus in this macabre multi-world full of monsters and lines of power.

I guess it does.

Sounds like your used to be a badass

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I sure was. :sunglasses:

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