Lets hear about your past lives!

Just tried again and had image of a very beautiful women I’m a long silk dress standing infronvof a poll then people bowed befor me I asked who I was associated with and seen Anubis, hopefully it’s legit I’ma wait till someone else discloses same thing but Anubis is like the only Egyptian god I see in my scans I’ve seen others but he’s there for me oftenly.

In ancient egypt Anubis mostly held male worshippers/priests, but many loved him as he gave them hope, but Anubis also has a twin brother Wepwawet and a sister who is also associated with Death, Anput who is also his wife.

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You’re not going to want to know

I allready figured I had a horrible life that was evil enough I hid it fromakashic records and then a glimpse of being a sacrifice I’m down to learn more if it bothers me I’ll get some mahogany obsidian or another stone that heals past life wounds, fel free to pm or post here I don’t have shame for what I did in past life I need to own it and do what I can to make the world better this time. @Maxwell

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Look yourself then.

I don’t really know how I’ve tried a bit and I posted everything I’ve seen sorry if it seems to bother you the energy associated to what you seen or felt must be pretty bad to get you upset like this

I also doibbmy scan skill sometimes I see things that didn’t have relevance but that’s slowly fading away

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While i have been told I have been here a long time by various spirits, I recall two past lives. The first was as a soldier that I can guess was around the 1940s due to the architecture in the vision. I shot an enemy soldier in the back as they fled.

The second was during an earlier time when I was found guilty of being a heretic and was at the block where I cursed the town to be destroyed by plague for deciding to end my life.


Sorcerer in Chaldea, got killed by soldiers for sleeping with this dude’ wife…lived in Canaan, killed lots of children, got brutally killed… Previous one, Kenya, sorcerer there got killed by a bunch women whom I prepared to rape and killed. Not so good though


I’ve had glimpses into mine.

I’ve been a priestess in Astarte’s Temple.

One life was in some form of Royalty in probably Sweden due to the uniform color I saw.

Had two past lives in medieval England. One as a longbowman and the other as a knight or foot soldier (couldn’t tell).

Had one in WW2 that ended very quickly.

Kept having flashbacks to Rhodesia a while ago. Idk to be honest.

Was a member of the Statsi in East Germany during the cold war (probably my best past life).

Most recently I learned of my past life as an underage Russian Soldier in the first Chechnyan War.


Oh and I was probably an Average Roman citizen in another. Did get the opportunity to tour Palestine though when I was in the legions.

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I am a “young soul” on earth (as mentionned by @anon48079295 you might have a life before your incarnation on earth) I had more past life on earth after the one I mentionned but I don’t know them yet.


This life is my past life coz I. Bout to finesse it

I lived most my time prior to reincarnation and between them, only really reincarnated a few times for similar reasons of curiosity of the various eras lol

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I don’t really have much lives at all, but I do know of my past life. I won’t go full on into details, but I began to learn about it back when I was 12, my original name being as I am called right now, “Bercus”, though I am not sure if that is the most appropriate spelling as it is not really an English name, but it sounds similar enough to work.

In this life I did hold a position of authority, but honestly I am still learning about it, so I am not sure exactly what type of position yet. But suffice to say, me and another had qualms with the higher ups at the time and fought to change it, but yeah, we were caught, and at that point I was forcefully reincarnated (Basically killed, though I am not sure if I would actually classify it as such).

Come this life said other (Who is pretty much a mother figure in a way) communicated with me, and merged into me so we became one. Previously I had assumed this took place in my original life, but after extensive meditation on my earlier years (as in, under 3 years old, of which I have extensive memories of), I managed to locate a memory that I had buried where this occurred, though the other is still… alive, in a manner, as in separate mentally. Now, they serve as more of a guide or protector as others have confirmed for me, and frankly I believe they are the only reason I’m aware of my past life, and also the reason I got into energy work in the first place. (I always wondered where all of those visions came from that had guided me into all of this).

But yeah, I’ve also met others in this life from my past lives who have confirmed some of what I’ve seen without previously telling them anything on it, which is always good.

I’m not sure of my past lives but I have a great urge to find out why I’m here. I guess I’ll have to go and see.

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Do you remember everything ?

Not everything but a good deal


The one past life that I’m aware of is where I was a male from a dimension different from this one. From what little I’ve gathered, I was forced to reincarnate here for my own safety.

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I was a serial killer (with black Magic) in 1800 period and i died in sleep. This life is a living hell for me. I feel attracted to black magic and I practice but I’m still on the beginning. In beginning of this year I evoking all archangels for a problem and they have some problems to come to me. But demons come easy and I feel atracted to goetian demons and others chaotic demons. I feel also attracted to manipulate human mind and reading mind. (maybe because of last life). Also I’m interested in necromancy and BDSM


Where were you located in your past life?

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