Lets hear about your past lives!

I recently found out about one of my past lives and I wanted to hear about some of yours!

As for me, I recently (and rather ironically) found out that I used to be an inquisitor during the roman inquisition in the 1600s and I was told that this is why I’ve always been attracted to Catholic imagery (and used to be a Catholic in this life) despite being a Luciferian. I was told I was very corrupt, took a lot of bribes, used my power to go after my enemies, and very much enjoyed burning Protestants at the stake. Interestingly enough, when I was a catholic in this life I was very judgmental and usually referred to protestants as heretics. With that said, I am glad that I am moved past that point in my life and found Luciferianism instead, it’s much more fulfilling, for me anyway and I don’t like the idea that I was a shitty person in one of my past lives even if I do have a morbid curiousity regarding it.
I know this is real because I didn’t even know about the last inquisition (the Roman inquisition) until the spirits told me about it and it was confirmed after I looked it up.


I’ve lived as an american indigenous woman, a Egyptian Priest who later reincarnated back into Egypt as one of the sons of Ramesses the II as one of his unnamed sons from a foreign woman. In that life I died trying to prove myself as a “right of passage” another life was as an aboriginal woman in australia.


I’ve apparently had 3 lives of having lots of kids.

And the next 4 involve having lots of kids.

The kids are amazing and beautiful souls.

This is apparently my bad “karma” my self punishment for the past. Because while many people like it here I don’t.

Enki told me to soul search why I’m punished, but at the same time he is more concerned growth is happening and plans align than the past.

(I’m also called old a lot by old things)


Heh, it is the last days that I discover the facets of my soul and my past life.

If we take human incarnations - warrior, village woman, noble girl who died of pneumonia at a young age.

But in the spiritual world I was the gatekeeper of the western gates of the Fiery World under the name Attakeria.


In my first past life I was in the english army and got executed for witchcraft in 1842


So are you saying that you are a young soul or was that your life before this one?

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Young and old souls aren’t really based around the number of past lives lived, as you don’t need to be reincarnated here to have had a life. Even your time prior to reincarnation you lived somewhere and did something.


I know that. It’s amazing how souls can incarnate in multiple dimensions.

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I haven’t revisited my past lives yet but I kind of have an idea of the kind of person I may have been in one or more lives.

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I was involved with some sort of weird Court of Hathor. Pretty sure I was a failure of a magician. I also think I knew some people from past lives that are on this forum

Saw some visions of some old friends. Saw some visions of some people I haven’t even met yet.

Something about purity in sacrifice. I wouldn’t know, Y’berion isn’t going to help me on this.


The love goddess?

Yes, the love goddess. Apparently I’m very love based anyways.


I have not dwelt on my past lives too much - very focused on my present, but am aware of two.

Two independent psychics in my life at separate times discussed my being a priestess in “Arthurian” times which i do like the stories but am unaware of the whos i was priestess for.

And Hekate granted me sad visions solemn and offering into a dark libation pit, like a goodbye i was very old but unsure of my gender in the life. I do know this and that life are not my only lives of service.

I may give them some more exploration - i havent considered these in a while since developing myself more in meditation. Would love to see what my eye ushers forth now.

That a boy love based, that’s how I structured myself and it’s insainly strong. But has downfall if you get your heart destroyed your fucked fo a while.

So apperently I put a block on my Akashic records before reincarnation but when I tried to look at my records I seen a native american man he just listened to me and laughed at times like when I said I had a succubus he lol’d and then showed me image of him with a wife. I just seen him again when trying to see past life and he died from a bear I believe.

I just tried to do a scan for the topic and see a robed person and not myself I asked where am I then seen myself tied down on a circler table freaking out then I got strong energy feeling from my base and sacral area. So yea my scan showed me as a sacrifice and that’s how I felt I was basically in this life. If anyone can check more into m past life that would be awesome because I’ve heard the whispers when walking past poor bastard doesn’t even know what he is.

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The most prominent lives that keep coming up in visions every time I attempt a past-life regression:

Egyptian priest who practiced sorcery-lived around the time of the rule of Ramesses III and Queen Tiye. Had a steamy fling in secret with a handsome, muscular soldier or palace guard- apparently same-sex relationships were permissible in that time and place.

Priestess in a Greek temple- I think I was born in Thessaly. Chosen at an early age because there were signs I was suited to be a good oracle or Pythia, but I did not take my duties seriously and the elder priestesses scolded me for not being responsible with my sacred calling.

Courtesan in Renaissance Italy- a cortigiana onesta.
I practiced stregheria to make men fall for me and give me everything I wanted, especially the young, good-looking ones who were also rich, and apparently I did manipulate and abuse others for my own ends.

The oldest life was on another planet, as an aquatic lifeform- that keeps coming up as my first life and my soul’s origin. A starseed, is what I am told by my higher self. My species looked sort of like Chinese dragons and sang like whales, and learned to manipulate the environment around us with psychic energy channeled through song because we lacked opposable thumbs and never developed mechanical technology on our own, though we did interact with other species that looked and functioned more like humans.

There were others but these are the most prominent lives that I see repeatedly during past life regressions. The same lives appear pretty consistently every time.

Not necessarily. Love is beyond attachment, I can live free either way,

Not like a heart break from a partner when life just destroys ou and you stop being able to love your life and the grief over takes you.

But that’s me you hopefully will never have an experience like I did that case me to lose grasp on magical power. I also wonder how much stronger I’ma be once I’m able to get off these meds they are ment to stop the basics about spiritual interaction.

I love life, even if it destroys em.

Now I do, at least

I was at the point I begged outloud screaming just kill me for hours because of what the government was doing to me with technology, I hope you never experience anything that makes you shift from being love to living in despair and the only joy you get is when writting simple word spells to get the ones that caused your torment.

Sorry off topic, so Maxwell are you able to int me about past life and tell me why I sealed my Akashic or any other clues, would be cool.