Let's have a try - challenge!

I’d like to have a rational proof that soul travel is something real and not just a journey into our own mind.
So, would you like to have a challenge?
I’ll write a word and I put the post-it upon the little table near my bed. For one week.
Guess the word!


It will be a great idea.but almost no one will believe you if a soul traveler guessed the right word.they will always try to disprove you (even me😂).the pure experience is the best proof

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Ok. Just a clue.
I’m Italian. The word is in Italian.

Can we describe the word? For instance… what if it’s a noun, can we tell you what it looks like?
oh and does it start with an M… something like magnifico, or macifico… or something like that?

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I thought I saw a word like “Whore” or “Amore” but maybe that was just spring horniness kicking in. :smiling_imp:


Everything you want

No, not M

No, please, Milady…

I’m a gentleman…



You need a good dose of Lilith, and you’ll be cured, I assure you.


post-it besides your bed on a small table in your apartment on the east coast of the US, right? NY maybe…
Question, do you really want someone going around your room? lol
I honestly cant see it at all… but I do get the impression of lined paper like a small notepad with an adjective on it… that post-it has a sticky back, and it’s not the normal small squared ones.
Give the paper a target number and it should be easier for people to lock in on it, instead you may have a people locking in on your username… am I somewhat close enough

Even when one does get out of ones body I kind of wonder if it would be so easy to find which bed in which room of which house has the word

It’s so freaking hard… you have to find a link… and the only one I have is his username… if the target had a case number, it’ll make the challenge go a bit smoothly. But to also read the note without eyes will be difficult… I see things 360, so it makes it difficult to read anything… I wonder if anyone has this same issue?

I asked her what you meant and she said “Keep fucking with me and you’ll find out 3:)” O!!..X)

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Goddamn it haha.

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Hey @Vovin, if you want to learn and verify your experience with people. Check out @FraterMagni’s link A Resource for anyone who’s stuck , about 40mins into it the vid talks about seeing in 360 degrees… this was exactly what I was talking about… check it out… and see you on the otherside.

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