Let's get started : my diary with Belial

Well … now it begins. I begin by saying that I have always been fascinated by the universe and spirits (never had any experiences) because I want to contact King Belial? honestly, I’ve been following this forum for years, and I’ve only been attracted to three spirits one of whom is him. I have never made progress because I give up immediately. Sometimes I even think that I am crazy to fix a seal, with the belief that nothing will happen, and for this I would give up after 1 or 2 days, perhaps because nothing has ever happened to me 🤷 ‍♀️ your stories are all very interesting, but I believe in what I see and hear … anyway I do not dwell too much, if I have been feeling an attraction for him for years, maybe there is a reason, who knows … and then oh yeah, I’d love to work with him on myself. I will certainly not make summons, but from this night I will continue with his seal and his enn. I’ll do it for a month (if my mood allows me)

Any advice is appreciated


strap in.

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my meditation with the King Belial is over … I could not relax much and go deep because I admit that the night has a certain effect and I have a bit of fear towards him that blocks me … we will see tomorrow. good night :slightly_smiling_face:

Mmm what? :slightly_smiling_face:

It means get ready to be destroyed


Any particular reason for working with Belial? (Especially as a beginner)

As someone who holds Belial as a close friend, quick word of advice- do it properly, and don’t give up.

too depressed to continue right now, sorry King Belial.

Just do 15 min’s man take it as a basic meditation, or you’ll look after yourself in the futur with regrets like “why have I just not did at least…”

Or take it as something tu up your mood, your ego is probably making this looking like stupid as a barrier to stop yourself from getting out of your confort zone, so just do it !
(and no your ego is no entity it’s you as much as yourself are you !)

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You’ll get out the funk eventually! I’d really suggest you keep pushing and trying though, that’s kinda what Belial is all about, throwing you off the edge and pushing you. He helps you in the most brutal of ways, but trust me that outcome is glorious and very much needed.
Never have I learned or was empowered as when I was standing up for myself, and having Belial guide me through the heavy work. Through the storm to get the sunset and all.

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