Lets evoke a grey!

How many of you have worked with alien entities? I have a few that I work with but no greys.

Anyway a conversation with EA and Iznel gave me an interesting idea. EA said you can evoke anything if you have its name including a grey alien. So I thought, why not give this a try. I want to try a project where we all try to make contact with this sort of ufonaut through evocation. But hold your horses, lets not go jumping off that cliff without looking first.

I’ve studied alot of ufo encounters and the greys reported seem to have a wide range of motivations, some bad, some good and some doing incomprehnsible things like making pancakes on the side of the road. I think most of us would like to avoid having a run in with one of the more unsavory members of their kind, afterall once the evocation is done whose to say it might not come pay you visit on its own terms.

So what I would recommend is first doing an evocation of Azazel and/or Yashaltan to find a Grey that would be safe for you to evoke, or do something else along those lines to make sure it is safe. Make sure you can get its true name as this is important for it to work.


In the name of science, what about evoking a living, willing person? What happens then?

Also… you’re right about caution, you definitely don’t want to evoke one of those pancake making greys… Nefarious!

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yeah , you gotta watch out for those pancakes!

But yes EA has described people evoking himself, he says when they evoked him he kind of blacked out. I don’t remember if he said whether or not he remembered what happened in the vocation though.

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okay so i think i have had those greys show up when i scry but i have never taken them seriously. i thought i was putting those kind of images on there myself subliminally because aliens freak me out and now i see this thread =/

You’re welcome. (Thanks defectron!)

So earlier today I evoked someone and sent a couple guys out to find a grey that is safe for me to make contact with, and they found something. I would say more, but the entities around me, my teacher and the universe itself has pretty much been saying lately that I talk too much about the occult stuff I do with people online so for now at least I think I’ll keep the details of this to myself.


could you ask them why are so information shy? mine ar too but wouldn’t tell the reason exactly

Well my teacher told me the reason why I shouldn’t talk so much about what I do is because it attracts the attention of potential enemies. And he’s got a point, the black magician attack, the illuminati sorceror, even the reptilian entity that attacked my freind all came about because I talked about my occult activities and goals online. Now I’m not saying if I came out and said “hey guys I’m penpals with a grey alien” that ufo’s would suddenly come by and try to wisk me away to another dimension, it’s just that I could potentially be digging myself a little deeper into a hole by continuously talking about all the stuff I’m doing. so I think it would be best if I laid low so to speak for a little while at least. Now there is a good chance that a time will come later to talk about this and I would like to since I found something pretty interesting , but I don’t think that time is now.

Smart of you Defectron… sometimes I am too fearless and it has led to magical battles, all of which I have won. But it is dangerous… caution is important. Not only can it attract magical enemies but it is sometimes best to keep silent and let others figure these things out on their own, it’s always more powerful to learn alone. That and it keeps people from calling you crazy and/or delusional.

Talking about the specific rituals you are doing also kicks the law of reversed effort into overdrive, as merely telling others about it tends to create in the self a need - even if slight - for approval, which, when not found, turns into doubt, fear, etc.


This creates something of a conundrum. In the Friends With Benefits group workings, part of the purpose is for us (many of us are newer magicians) to share our experiences for mutual learning.

So there is something of a cost going either way I would think: don’t share our workings to increase detachment and increase potency; or, share the workings to increase learning and potentially decrease detachment/potency.

If this is the case, I think the potential for learning outweighs the need for maximal potency. But I think there is also a lesson there: as you grow more confident in your abilities, don’t sabotage yourself by incessantly talking about what you do.

Do you have any suggestions with this dichotomy in mind? That is to say, learning benefit vs. the reversed effort effect?

What you have to nail down is that the group is NOT being used for any sort of validation, because that’s where problems come into play. I’m really not sure how to quantify that though. I’ll think on this a bit though.

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I’d also be interested in your thoughts on the types of validation to avoid, with the principle two being validation of the ego (self-gratification) vs. validation in the empirical, results-oriented sense. Are the both equally bad?

It seems that verifying results could be helpful in the scientific, [cause -> effect -> analysis -> repeat] mode of thinking. But I could also see this need to quantify as leading into the ego-gratifying sense.

I would like to evoke a Pleaidian or Arcturian!

let us reverse our manner of thinking…shall we?

How many of you have been evoked by a being from another planet? Stop and think that over…

This topic comes with the assumption that we are the Lords of the Universe…and we are the top dog…when we may very well be in the bottom grouping…

Check it out and see what you come up with and then the process may be viewed from another angle…lol.

Uncle Fester

Yeah I havent met any pleidians yet, so far I’ve made spiritual contact with two of the three major races that people report visiting our world as well as a few others. When you refer to the pleidian aliens, your talking about the nordic ufonauts correct? Alot of those guys say they come from the pleidies. But yeah I would be interested in that, I feel it would be good to have a contact with each of the major races people report.

But yeah if you want to do that, just do what I did, find an entity that is good with interstellar stuff, or one that has access to infinite knowledge. This is why I suggested Yashaltan and Azazel. They can probably help you find what you’re looking for. I believer there was another entity in konstantinos book “summoning spirits” who also has intinite knowledge, forget that ones name but I expect that one could also be used for this purpose.

Also I agree with Maxx, as they say in the scifi series Babylon 5, there are ancient races out there that walk the multiverse like giants, some of them would like to see us stand beside them someday, but were not quite there yet. This is also why its important to find one who is sympathetic to where you are coming from. If you contact the wrong guy you could end up in some trouble.


Maxx, I actually think that many abduction scenarios are indeed a form of evoking the individual, as often abductees will report that they can feel a metal table under them, but at the same time can feel their sheets on their bed, etc. There seems to be a sort of bilocation taking place, but a force bilocation. Ergo, it would seem that a great many people are indeed being evoked by the greys. In that case, it would also seem that reciprocation is in order!!!

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I’d also be interested in your thoughts on the types of validation to avoid, with the principle two being validation of the ego (self-gratification) vs. validation in the empirical, results-oriented sense. Are the both equally bad?

It seems that verifying results could be helpful in the scientific, [cause -> effect -> analysis -> repeat] mode of thinking. But I could also see this need to quantify as leading into the ego-gratifying sense.[/quote]

This is an interesting point. I think that the real concern enters when you are not attempting to achieve the actual goal as much as trying to show others that you can achieve that goal. Does that make sense?

haha, this thread is perfect for me!!! I come from the stars!! woohoo, rock on. Who else comes from the stars here that is actually aware of their star origins?? Ea–you look rather reptilian, but I think you are a hybrid, will keep you updated, lol. I am a nerd.

EA…that is some information I have never heard about that you are describing…the feeling of the bilocation with sheet and tube.
That would certainly mean there is a window that opens from both sides.

But what started my thinking about this was day before I decided to just sit in a lounge chair and use a sigil to call on Ant’Harratu…and shortly there appeared the spirit there coming from a dark area before me…a discussion started and I made the statement you do not look exactly like Ant’Harratu and you do not have the same “feel” and that I knew another person I would ask whether He had been with me that afternoon…that would verify…That spirit said sure, you go ahead and do that…I said I would make sure this was not a fake posing as another…anyway, we started doing some things this being was instructing me on and it was a definite education…and even brought in another being that Azazel had said would be coming in to work with me on a certain subject…both of these beings working at the same time with me…lasted about 45 mins.

Afterwards, I contacted the person I knew that is one that works a great deal with Ant’Harratu…who stated that it was not He…
so I started digging into this…and lo and behold…then Ant’Harratu comes in and gives the name of the spirit that it was…and says that it states He had been trying to work with me but I am so damn set in my ways…I always call up the same beings over and over…So He came in when I was calling another being to get my attention…and I am very happy I now have contact with Him.

All this started me thinking that if another Spirit steps in like that…then we may not have as much control over this entire process as we think we do…and even some beings let us think that we do…to give confidence… and just work and work and work to educate this uneducated population…

I also have found that until we give a command or make a wish known, the being will not make too much of an effort to push us along and wait on us to make the move…meaning we may have left a lot of the cards on the table when we could have much more than any of us do at a given moment as far as advancement…

this led me to question if maybe those other beings are more able to evoke us than we are able to evoke them…and the entire process may be them putting any concept within our minds to evoke them and even be able to accomplish the bending of the universe as they may be working through us to accomplish any goal they choose…lol…so many questions…and one brings up ten more…ha…

Also, have you ever heard of any accomplished mage that has a tale of being abducted?..I never have…If so that would be interesting accounts…so those cases of the population being taken away may be those beings having to work with them in a manner to elevate the mind by programming it manually…(referring to your statement above)…rather than that person activating themselves in magic…(called advancement in some circles).