Let's drop in here the most effective videos for development of the astral senses 🤝

For all the newbies, who don’t know how to start with magic and for all the folks who find it difficult to open their senses ( including myself)
Im suggesting to create a list here, and collect the videos/audios who helped each one of you personally.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, activating the 3rd eye, are the most important tools we have to communicate with the other world.
Some veryyy lucky(this is contradicted sometimes) gifted dudes, are able to do that from a very early age, but some have to put a lot of effort.
Let’s help each other and put our little stone to this essential ability we all need to achieve :pray::heartpulse:

Those are what i found most helpful so far:


Great, I’m going to try these.
I can’t contribute any links as I haven’t found anything really helpful yet but can suggest practicing with the servitor made by Keteriya, which I just started these days. See this topic: Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding - #80 by Pandora


Im aware of this post honey and i will definitely try to summon her servitor when needed :slight_smile: @Keteriya is amazing, she cares so much for the members here , she is wonderful.
But let’s keep in mind how important is to be independent and rely on our own powers and abilities without “helping wheel”

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It always encourages me to click a video when the person posting it gives a short summary of what it’s about or how it helped, like for example, the reversed afrin in THIS video was very helpful to me when working with Ahriman, so if this thread is going to become a resource, maybe that would be a helpful thing for people to remember, and also give some idea of timestamps, if the video is longer than say 10m? :+1:

It starts around 27:43 BUT don’t rob yourself for the sake of a few minutes, really watch all the first part because it’s important and also, interesting to see how magicians handle rituals and evocations that don’t go according to plan.


Omg that third video was like smashing open the doorway!!! This was perfect… Definitely bookmarking I think I’ll get alot of use from it​:black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Here is the one I’ve come to use the most
If you did it the actual track is from Phil thornton called meditation!!! Enjoy, but BE WARNED if you zone in, it’s very effective at getting lost in the trance :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


I’m really interested in the reptilian brain video


Yes @Lady_Eva good point there :raised_hands:
For me those helped me with the trance mood i guess in general, because i finally managed to see the sigil moving/ flashing after some attempts. But still find it difficult when evoking, to hear any “voices” either have visions :grimacing:
Also the other ‘masters of the magic field’ @DarkestKnight @anon48079295 @Faustus @helena @Anassa (and any other regulars i dismiss right now please forgive me :joy: )
If you had in your baby steps any favourite sources let us know :slightly_smiling_face:


Probably what I have to say on this won’t be favoured by most. But here it goes anyways, just because I was tagged.
I won’t tell you what I did as a newbie that returned to the occult after 10 years of absence because what I did was what you now think it would help. So I don’t think it’s my newbie knowledge that you want here, but what I now think can help you.

Against the popular belief that binaural beats can help you open up and train your senses, I’ll say that this stuff won’t help.
Let me clear this up cause I bet you got confused here:

This stuff won’t help you permanently. No, your brainwaves won’t get synchronised permanently in an alpha wave, or a theta wave or whatever wave because of an audio. What is proven that they can do, by scientists, is to create relaxation for the time you’re listening them. What they actually do, is make your brain perceive a sound that isn’t really there what we call as “beat”. So what they do is temporally create illusions. That’s the essence of binaural, auditory illusions. Because of that, meditations under binaural tones, cannot, by their nature, be the healthy type of spiritual communication you’re expecting to have.

All people can communicate eventually with the spiritual, because its something natural. You don’t need illusions for that. You don’t need a temporarily fake boost that will make you now feel good that you had some progress, only to find out soon that their effect doesn’t last and will make you feel disappointed as soon as you realize that.

You don’t believe me? Here’s a simple test:
Ask anyone that have spend days and nights with a silly binaural playing in their headset, if it actually opened up their senses and made them communicate permanently without effort with the spiritual. If any of these “super powerful” tones that only need to “listen this for 7 days and you’ll have clairwhatever” if they actually had that clair within said time. I know people that have listened these tones for years and still can’t hear a thing with their astral senses without binaurals.

So what I’d advice, is to throw away these brain mush illusion tones and connect with nature, since communication with the spiritual is the most natural thing in the world. Practice a meditation that won’t make you hallucinate. Listen to the sounds around you, even if you live in a noisy city. Pick natural sounds instead of binaural any day. Its better to use white sounds to mask any outside distractions if needed.


This meditation was given to me by Lucifer.

This one is my favorite to develop clairvoyant psychic powers:


And what if I would still ask you to tell us your story? :slightly_smiling_face: (Maybe in pm if you agree with that, sowe can keep the thread on topic)

I got what you mean and can see your point about binaural beats. I honestly think the sound of the waves have much more effectiveness in the meditation skill and ofcourse the sound if the air through the trees in a forest…
The best environment for magic imo is a forest or an empty coast…


I’m afraid your awesome post might fall on deaf ears but I hope it reaches at least some people.

Actively working on your senses, as opposed to the ‘passive’ method with all of these tones, will take you a lot further in the long run. Senses are like muscles that need a consistent workout to develop, strengthen, and maintain.

Learn to drop your mind, learn to scan, do energy work, learn to isolate sounds, practice seeing auras, go on shamanic journeys, and so on. There are a lot of different ways to develop and strengthen these muscles.

And these senses aren’t all cookie cutter either. Take clairaudience - Some people might not ever ‘hear’ a distinct and clear voice that isn’t their own. They might only ever ‘hear’ through their own inner voice, to which they’ll have to learn to distinguish their own thoughts from ‘outside’ thoughts. Some only ever hear sounds, to which they’ll have to learn to interpret them into words. Some people never develop a particular clair, no matter how much they work on it. They’re not a one size fits all.

What you get out of this equals what you put into it.


I agree
Natural sources are more effective. But I was just sharing what helped me as a stepping stone when I was first starting out. It’s really about results, which come differently for everyone.


My story isn’t interesting anyways, I was looking to take back what I had lost, was led astray, only to realize that what I was it’s not what I am and what I am has more potential than what I had even if its “weaker” than my older version.

This mostly.

"To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."
-Zhuang Zhou-

I agree but here’s the thing… People who don’t develop a clair that’s essential for communication, usually they either give up from the occult or they end up larping or they go by blind faith which is no different from what all the monotheistic religions are. The point is, if you lack on something then adapt.

Of course, no one’s same with the other. I just prefer not to share something that, personally, at the end drove me to the wrong path.


I used to work in a noisy factory many years ago doing repetitive tasks so I would take myself away by finding rhythm in the noise from the machines and the drone of the hum in the air. Since the physical tasks were near automatic I used that noise as a backdrop for deep thinking.
In a way I was connecting with the nature of what was around me at the time, much the same as listening to the breeze through the trees.


This is a mantra given by Fastos a entity for sharping astro senses, hour long, repeating “Mesh Ka Rel Luhn Sim Ba Ta Rel Luhn Tin Sughel”

Warning: creepy as hell


Very good and very helpful. 10 out of 10 thx


Just work with spirits invocation,evocation etc with creatures will grow up and evolve and sense will open.Even simple awarness on astral sense similar like focus on third eye give it energy. There was some good stuff on joy of satan about develop this senses by imagine it. Even rune Fehu

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Im working with King Paimon who is known good teacher for the new magicians, Marbas, Lilith I have even evoked Lucifer but yea, it wasn’t the best experience…
I think the spirits can’t do much on your senses, you have to help yourself with this


Actually spirits can help how say, their energy when used without circle etc have effect on you, you slowly how say get their energy just as they are next you. You system try balance with spirits energy as much as spirit visit you ,you will grow. Some take energy some give. But feed upon negative emotions.