Let's construct the ultimate defence/protection astral aura field


Im sitting here trying to come up with a morning ritual to program the perfect astral defence field with guardians, small warriors and shilds to follow and protect you throughout the day so all the bad stuff can’t get to you and manifest. Everthing from archons to bad urges and cravings, parasites and all that crap is something that HAVE to be dealt with and stay away…

Here is what I got so far:

Something like a 10min morning ritual where you get these beings to follow you like pikachu to block and fight all the crap off from you

Come with more/better ideas or smart things to do

This is a important thing and tool for bigger projects where you can’t tolerate sloppy feelings, lazyness, cravings, bullshit etc

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I would draw a pentagram over the little man’s crown chakra. :grin:

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Hes name is Hansi from now on and yes… he deserves a pentagram

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I like Hansi. Are you using anything in particular to fuel all of the energy?

Yes I am actually… I plan to power it all with powered orgonite

Powered orgonite is simply a mobius coil of copper wire submerged in a orgonite mix and hooked to a frequency generater. This will create tons of energy and you will then program this energy with your sigils, statues, your intent and words to evoke this energies and make it go out to the target (which is you in this project)


Very enlightening! Thank you.

That sounds awesome!

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