Let's be honest here

Learned and done the Hexagram Banishing. Wow, such a different energy. It feels so different to both Middle Pillar and LBRP. It energises very fine too. I am gonna do this daily now.

Lots of symbolism I have to dechiper as well. But it is worth it, for now. This is what I am talking about man, breaking barriers one by one, lets gooooo.


Remember to maintain this regularly.
i will nudge you if you don’t

The sensation you felt will become familiar when maintained and when you do notice a change in the physical sensation then you can explore why.

You needed this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have a confession to make. I’ve never done one before.

Now I might.


Me either I don’t think. I’ve also only done the Lbrp like once or twice too. I prefer other methods lmao. But I didn’t banish at all after I started for like a year and a half either. :eyes: :woman_shrugging:

I only started banishing, because I had an issue with another practitioner. Now I do it pretty regularly. I always felt pretty confident in my natural protecting, shielding and warding until there was a momma witch in my life. Stupid probably, but hey that’s me!


I’ve been using herbs, runes, stones, incantations and my intention all my life.

And my breath too.


@Mephisto My actual purpose for these new banishings is getting ready for Stele of Jeu, or Headless Ritual, more famously. Banishings are easy.


I will only banish if needed but only because I keep the company of spirits.


Isnt the headless the same as the bornless ritual?


No, Crowley remade it. He also didn’t have the papers of PGM that we have today.



I want to also look into Thelema and Crowley more (I have an evergrowing check list for the occult)


That’s right…you’re going to perform the bornless Ritual…

Bravo we salute you!
May the elemental kingdoms shake!


Conversations that would get us beheaded 1000 years ago

-) So, where is Allah, how could you prove it exists?
+) You can’t prove it to someone else, it is personal. However, I never understood why many people treated God as something that would resemble humans, sitting on a throne like he is our upper floor neighbor. Well, I shouldn’t expect much from people that think Quran was legit came down from skies page by page.

But if you asked me, I would say that Allah is me, you, there rocks we step on, that bird that is flying above us…
-) So, you are saying, that pizza we just ate was Allah?
+) Yes, we ate him, now we are gonna shit him.

Would like to point out that I am not a Muslim and treated Allah as The All concept same in Kybalion, or Tao of East. So, please, don’t screech LHP into my ears, thank you.


Well said littleshart!

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What planet did you use for the hexagram?

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None. :thinking:

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Oh i assumed you used planetary force nvm :yum:

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Conversation that would get us jailed or killed today :rofl:

We’re gonna do this a lot :rofl:

No need for anyone to screech.

You be the key!

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Banishing of Hexagram feels like it is making me connect to my higher self/superconsious (whatever that would be). It became a source of motivation.

Fire element, as usual, I don’t feel something is different. But, when I try to feel my warmth, I can feel it from a reasonable amount of distance.

Water on the other hand, makes me unable to feel the heat no matter how close.

When accumualting power, my sight (irl) gets better. It is dissolvish when it comes to water.

Air is weird, and really hard to explain. I don’t feel my legs at all. It feels like I am floating. And its very relaxing.

Earth on the other hand, well, ironically, I can only feel below my stomach. It is crushing. Even my blood feels slower. I feel slower in general, and tired, unlike air.

All in all, progress is clearly made.


:notes:I feel so good
I feel right
Music sounds better with you🎶

This has been a longtime coming and you’ve worked extremely hard. :kissing_heart:

This motivation is embedded in your core now and with the right maintenance it will continue to give you strength to move forward with your skills and knowledge.

You’ve got this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: everyone are great support. :slightly_smiling_face: