Let's be honest here

Excuse me for the clickbait title :grin:

I am just gonna put my ordinary life here without trying to larp at all.But let’s be honest,newbies magick is made of larping.

Why did I make this journal? To see my proggress.I remember in my last journal (excluding vampirism one) I started as a edgy kid, turned out more or less peaceful, and it wasn’t even my goal at all.

My current goal? Just mundane things.Like having financial stability and more freedom through this.There is no need to look at the sky when you are chained to earth.

I am gonna base my works on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


I am currently at the orange part of this,without going into blue I don’t think I should see myself as a living god at all.

And what about my current state on magick?

I am just a 9 months old newbie,so far I have went through an incredible path,but compared to what will come in next years,it was only a tiny step.Thats why magick is so irresistable to me.

As a 9 month old practitioner,I am not sure if I ever contacted a spirit or not.I have had my experiences, but nothing supernatural.Maybe Frater UD can explain it better.

The principle that supports a more psychological explanation and believes that everything magical arises from deep inside the magician’s soul itself is called anin1ism (from the Latin word anima, «soul,); the other principle that’s based on the existence of real non-
human living beings (and those made up of subtle energies) is called spiritualism (from
the Latin word spiritus, “spirit”).

I believe there is a fine line between these two, but I am at first part.

You are a fucking hero if you have read all through this.Will bump this thread whenever I have something solid.Dont worry I wont spam like some. :grin:


Real talk, I think you are one of the most serious and the most reliable members on here, 9 months or not. I watched your development and that shit made me smile. You’re doing great :ok_hand:t2:


First supporter as always, thank you very much @A_Pariah. I appreciate it a lot.


You’ve evolved so much as a person in such a short period of time. Oh man, you used to be so immature back then.
Now you just keep achieving good things! You have a lot of willpower - I’m proud! :grin:


Once you can astral project, all this baby development will be over and you will not be a baby practitioner anymore.


Jesus thats my soft spot you evil being :sob::sob::sob:

@Etheric_Vagabond @Monica7 Thanks to both of you.


Mine too


I think your approach is a sensible one. Keep up the good work


Thank you very much sir.

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Aww yay I’m a hero (@ the 2nd to last sentence) good luck with all your journaling here, I look forward to reading more. And don’t worry about being unsure about stuff, I’ve been doing this 2 years and still feel super new to this path


Four months here, i have learned a lot from everyone
I didnt have any luck with spirits though but i did see some progress.

Tbh you are one of the likeable members here.


@eliana @eVox_61 Thank you very much guys,its great that beginners are very much supported in this forum.Much love to everyone :black_heart::+1:

Just putting these links,so if anyone reads this they would get more info on these subjects.Also it would be benefical to keep these links around.



You have definitely grow and changed a lot since when we first met. I would say very much to the
Positive too.


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Keep it up, you’ve become one of the few that I have a reverence for, even though we’ve not spoken directly. And I’ve probably been surly towards you a time or ten.
Keep working how you’re working.


Yeah. Sure. But I already knew this.
The lhp is the path of action. Just do!
I recommend getting an effective banishing ritual under your belt, so to speak. Then evoking.

P.s. And welcome.


First day of the work has ended.Its my first step to my financial freedom.Having chains slightly leased feels really good.Also one of guys on my home just got out today,I feel more free than I have ever been.

It gives me more opportunity to develop myself as a human and occultism.I just made a to do list.Through discipline,I can achieve some good steps that will benefit my life for years.

Only bad side of the work is that you have less time for yourself, but I will just sleep faster.

My to do list includes physical workouts and Yi Jin Jing.Also I am returning back to Bardon’s step two, because I didnt master imaginary tasting,feeling and seeing yet.I thought they werent neccesary but I was just being a lazy ass.This changes now.

Wish you best guys. :heart:


I can tell from experience that if your sense of feeling is blunted you will be like that dude with a paralyzed leg who sticks forks in it as a parlor trick. He doesn’t feel like he is being injured, but he is. A relative lack of feeling may convey a sense that your experience isn’t as real as it actually is and you might be motivated to do some boneheaded things. Then before you know it, you are digging astral shrapnel out of your innards months later.


That was not MY idea :unamused:


Thinker and prover? Law of attraction?

I have been doing the first excersise in Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson,which is visualizing a quarter vividly and imagining finding it on street.Well I never found one at street but I find it at home outta nowhere.After that,strangely, money I find every day increase and increased.Today I literally got 2x amount of what should I get in a day. (I work as a cleaner in a hotel current days.)

I didnt do any magick spesifically for it,so its a bit suprising for sure :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Also,getting early just to banish feels good as fuck.I have no idea why.Thanks for reading. :bomb: