Lethargy from vampirizing trees

Everytime I’ve went to the forest and vampirized trees with the intent of grounding my energies I’ve had the same exact result; at first I feel very grounded and stable, but gradually I get extremely lethargic. The negatives heavily outweigh the positives in my case.
What could be some possible causes of this?


You are absorbing too much Earth energy. Instead of vamping the tree, try simply allowing the tree to absorb your excess energies on it’s own. It does so automatically so you don’t have to force anything.


When I was working very heavily with Belial, I would sometimes without any ritual or anything, see spirit faces in the tree leaves. It was weird, and I used to wonder what was happening to me.

I’ve always liked trees, and there are a lot around where I live. Maybe I will go back to being a literal tree hugger . (I also feel bad when I cut them, or cut limbs off, but the idea of getting fake trees from china for xmass just seems worse.)


This is the answer I was looking for. How would I go about counteracting this? Still feel lethargic af
Balance it by adding some fire?

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Yes, you could counteract it with some Fire. It will also balance itself out naturally after sleep.

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Much appreciated

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I didn’t know that, does this apply to other plants as well?

Trees link to the leylines, by taking energy from trees you’re indirectly absorbing from the leylines which is very chaotic earth energy, our bodies normally give and take from the world around us, trees, rocks, and such included.

You usually do not vamp something if you’re trying to ground energies, to ground is to level out the energies, vamping gives you more energy so taking more than your energy body can sustain can lead to negative effects, which is why when you have excessive energy you ground it into the environment, you’re giving the leylines and the world around you the energy.


:scream: I will say I regularly work with my local forests and work to connect with the spirits there, and Ive definitely done cursing work to affect those who would exploit the forest or cause unnecessary harm within - im sure im not the only occult wacko who works with forests in that way. The spirits of the forests themselves also might not take kindly to being vampirized by someone because they feel like stealing energy with no give-back. Do you offer anything in exchange to the spirits of the places you vampirize trees? or just see them as objects to sap energy from? If i should take from the forest, I give as well - same with the plants i tend regularly.

But it could just be a matter of balance. Try balancing and see. If not, you could be dealing with some pissed off plant spirits and forest folk.


I forgot to mention this but I did intend to ground my energies by visualizing harmful and stuck energy going into the tree. It was an exchange of energy and I asked beforehand. @anon47637920
What you are saying about the leylines does make sense because it doesnt seem like I’m taking too much earth energy. I noticed it will affect me to some degree even in little amounts.

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