Let me introduce myself

Soon 45, nice, and have goals magic can help me with. Hope you all have a good Saturday and are healthy and safe in these COVID_19 times.

Hello @Sar .
Please tell us a bit more about yourself. We need more information and your post doesn’t qualify for a proper introduction as it is.
You are kindly requested to edit your post and answer to the following questions:

  • Where are you from? (Optional)
  • Do you have any experience in magick?
  • What aspects of magick are you interested in?
  • What are your goals?



From Norway, yes I have experience in magic, I am multi faceted when it comes to my interest in magic and my goals is to improve my life.

Thank you MV. <3

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Welcome @Sar

This doesn’t tell us much of anything at all. What, exactly, do you have experience in?

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

welcome to forum

Not sure what I practice is called and I have done it some years.

Thank you. <3

That’s a vague way of not answering a question. Again, it literally tells us nothing about your experience.

Basically what do you do? Do you work with demons, angels, yokai? Do you do indirect magick like rituals and such or direct magick like energy manipulation? Do you work with systems, or do you flow like chaos magick and do whatever works for you.

But why do you want to know my experience? Aren’t we all learners here?

I think chaos magick could be descriptive of what I do.

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Because it helps us to provide appropriate advice, as well as to properly evaluate any advice you choose to give. If you have never evoked a spirit, for example, then how would you be able to properly advise someone on how to do it?

I see.

I have invoked spirits.

Anyway, can one say one have intermediate experience in magic? I have been doing this 5 years + and sometimes I feel I master things and sometimes I feel like a baby taking its first steps.