Lessons through Quotes

I thought I would start a journal of lessons that I’ve learned over the years & do it through the sharing of quotes. Drawing from many sources is something I feel is best.

So without any further ado here we go with the first quote.

I would like to point out that there is much to be drawn from this one quote.

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This One is a good one that I’m just posting an image I found.

Note: I love StarWars but have long felt that both Sith & Jedi lacked true balance. Eventually I came across the idea & Philosophies of the Grey Knights & I found something far more balanced embodied in the Philosophy. Much more akin to the actual mindset of the Sameria (as I have come to understand it through my studies) it was this middle path of the warrior which seemed far more balanced than either side of any of the three points on the scale.

The scale has many points (more than 3) in fact but it was the central one which has long sense drawn the most of my attentions as it resonates far more deeply: Walking in Light while embracing ones shadow, and walking in Darkness while bearing ones own light … this is wisdom which is common even to the young.

In the dark, we can see better.
Darkness surrounds us, embrace it.
Light is around us, embrace it.
The sun and the moon,
The tides and the stars,
The soul and the brain.
We are Gods made in our own image,
Embrace who you are.
Just do not forget how small and unimportant human life is.
In the scale of all grand things, we are but insects.
Happy little creatures with powers to overcome Gods.
Still, so insignificant.

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Excellent point … well said.

I apreciate your contribution.