Lessons learned from Methsan

As you guys know, I have been working with and studying from Methsan a lot recently. So I thought I would share a few things I picked up from him.
These things were mostly shown in dreams, and some by direct channeling (automatic writing).

Nue: What determines the speed of results/success with assasination through these methods?

Methsan: Understand the vehicle of consciousness itself and you will understand the core of the workings. States of consciousness are determined by the purity and merging of the breath with the mind and body. Yogaic breathing is used to heal and activate the soul, likewise, poisoning the breath breaks down beings from its very essense, not just the physical body…

That is the art of poison, steady infiltration of turning every system against itself. Tainting the breath and blood is both one in the same. The breath is transfered in the blood to every organ, every part of being…


Methsan: … (for about a full minute)

Nue: Why the silence?

Methsan: In the silence of the void you will all discover more secretes as you are now. Watch and learn. The void meditations you practiced, is in a sense, a form of breathing. Absorbing clear, refined substance to live. The “air” of the mind. To continuously clutter the mind with thoughts without rest for weeks, months on end as is others, is a form of poisoning the “airways” in itself. Cutting off circulation. A permanent exhale, no inhale… (Then he starts speaking in a language I dont understand)

Nue: I see… um… that last part?

Methsan: Remember the interconnectedness of all things. Those who poison their blood and mind through continuous stress, unknowingly learned my secrets, but failed to master them, instead, became it’s victim. To fear death, is to fear living to the fullest. Obsession of death and mortality consuming waking moments, draws its manifestation closer. You expected to control of in others that which you are afraid of understanding and facing in yourself.

Nue: embarrased I don’t fear death…

Methsan:… Very well.

At this point I felt him leave, and then I have had more dreams where I do die in different ways… but each time it happens I feel more calm and accepting, instead of panicing. The last dream… I was so calm that I actua’ly… didnt die… as odd as that sounds. Pretty obvious that, all that time i lied to myself about certain fears lol

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I might have misunderstood but would you say he is talking about finding out fears of your victim and then exploiting and amplifying them essentially letting the person kill him/herself? Basically letting the victim manifest your goal for you.

Both ways… Finding your own fears and letting go of it. Once its seperate you can sort of “dump” it on the victim as well as bringing out their own fears

I think I understand and I did something similar in the past. However it was not my fear but rather my anger and frustration that I chose to direct to a certain person and it worked the best when I did it during working out. It’s hard to explain but I was basically lifting some weights and as I release my energy to perform a certain exercise I simultaneously directed this energy and preexisting anger/frustration towards this person while trying to visualize all kinds of nasty things happening to this person. As the result the room started to slowly fill up with some kind of sticky grayish kind of smoke/fog and when I was done I sort of dumped it on the person.