Lessons from working with anatel, the demonic warlords

Ok so I am pathworking with all azazel’s nethers
It was been a good experience so far I can close to finish the pathworking with anatel the demonic warlords I been doing a series of astral fights and communication with these beings and iniatations too all these in 9 days the pathworking consists of 9 days each house and series of multiple evocation
Here my lessons

How to call storms
The ability to stay calm in chaos both how to control it to your own will

Not everybody is your friend except yourself and those who you trust

When you are calm and peaceful. The enemy will reflect back. But if it still hits. Hit back

Trust yourself 100 per fucking cent
and your abilities as well

Cleaning parasites is easy as cleaning the dishes
Your thinking makes shit bad to even worse

Control your mind and emotions

Do not feed the enemy feed your power and yourself

Great leaders have the courage to not quite but rebuild their empire. How to survive the rock bottom

Always refuse a disease and a curse

How to use the empty feelings to something. even if my chakras where broken create something from nothing how to be the light in dark

Directing my power

How to rise as a greater version of you how to be your godself and throw the shit that you don’t like

None is coming to save if you expect yourself.
If you are willing you will found help

And lots more.

And the current lesson
The latest
And the hardest lesson for me right now

Forgetting and losing all
To reclaim your throne and build a new empire

~sincerely, the demonic warlord Xag. ~

Don’t forget who you are.