Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram conflicts?

No, but you can also make your own lesser banishing ritual with “LHP entities.”


With certain entities yes it will almost certainly cause problems up to and including death, disaster, and loss of soul. The entities I work with are known to kill angels at what seems to be a pretty regular basis. They’ve been at war with Heaven for pretty much forever, and seem to have an even worse History with them than Satan himself. I am pretty sure they will not take kindly to that sort of thing. I don’t work with many “mainstream entities” though so I couldn’t give a definite answer for the particular example you give, though personally, I would never do that.

Perhaps with grimoire’s demons it doesn’t conflict; it would be like an “hebrew/christian style” evocation.

No, there should be no issue, depending when you use it. For exaple, you should have no trouble using a LBRP to clear an area BEFORE an evocation; think of it as house cleaning before you have your guest over. After ritual, though? I usually do not, especially if I have left offerings; that’s a great way to insult your guest. It would be like inviting someone over for dinner then half-way through the main course, in between mouth fulls of food you suddenly stand and scream “get the F%$& out!!!”, lol.

I have heard people say the god names are interchangeable, and with most things this is true, but not with the LBRP. The LBRP works and is already a bastardization of Kabbalah, so altering the procedure without knowing exactly how or why might not be a winning idea. Can you make a variation to the ritual to incorporate the demonic? Yes. But it is a bit more involved than substituting a god name for a demonic king, or swapping out the archangels for Azazel & Co. You need to know why you are doing what you are doing.


@Woodsman81 You could just use another fully demonic ritual that has nothing to do with the LBRP.

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Which is another great point, and I’m glad you brought this up. We don’t see this on the forum really. @TheStorm should we start a dark banishing thread?


Please do. It’s strange to me how we don’t see this often given that dark banishing is the only type of banishing I do.


Self-as-creator option here:


Sounds good, I have a method I can maybe re-type and make more detailed to share in it (if that’s okay) if you do. :thumbsup:

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I’m in. I will start the thread later this evening. Will tag you guys.


@Woodsman81 I already made a thread.


Even the most common LBRP has many forms.
If you are familiar with different currents, the Pentagram Rituals are different.
IMO, Gabriel doesn’t go well with Lucifer.

I would not subject an ancient ritual meant for 1 entity to another. If you all truly believe they can think clearly enough to be insulted, think twice before doing this. Honestly. You would not be kindly if someone was using YOUR sacred rites so to speak, for someone else. Just MO.


When I was RHP I found the LBRP very effective. But I realised it would be distespectful to use it in the LHP. I read a lot of magical theory books that explained the LBRP line by line. So I realized what worked and what didn’t. What I liked and wanted to keep and throw out.

I used @Lady_Eva posts on self divinity as a inspiration with myself as god. The magician is the operator and god of their own universe. I start every day with it. I replace the Archangels/elemental forces with Lucifer, Satan, Belial and Leviathan. Seems to work out well for me.


I used the LBRP and LBRH to clear the space before elemental and planetary workings,the only reason i stopped using it was when i started connecting to the path of smoke which has it’s own method.

The Lbrp, Lbrh and its elemental and planetary variants for invocation are tools far as I am concerned. I practiced with them I’ve found them to have the effects I was after so I used them. I was lead to the path of smoke in order to progress in my path now I use its methods instead and they work, sometimes with furious speed.

The only “conflicts” that arise from what i can tell are when the mindset of the person using it conflict with the source material. I was raised without religion but i was raise in a culture pervaded by religion so some of the programming is there. But i see these rituals as a tools of the hermetist/practitioner/ect to tap into the power within self. I direct the energies in the manner i need.

As Kurtis states in BmoA and the recent video he made, YOU are your own God AND your own Devil . The tools of Right or left are just that, tools. the only question I tend to ask is how do i use this towards progress in my chosen path.

Plus, a banishing ritual - learnt and practised - can be used for so many things. I once used a vowel sound pentagram ritual. These days I only trace inverted pentagrams.



I am not too concerned about insulting angels. Honestly, with the sorts of magick I have committed myself to my very existence is an insult.

I gotcha. I mean, i do not know much about your path which is why you never see me comment on it. Are you at war with the Angelic?

It seems so given the frequency which the beings I work with seem to kill them at. I am not very sure of specifics, but there is meant to be a history between them, and their is a general anti-angel vibe. The very current I work with darkens the world with every spell cast. Given their history I doubt angels would like to see the planar fabrics being torn open to welcome the return of my dark lords. Especially given the enormous amount of slain angels.

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Will the LBRP conflict with spirits you are trying to call forth. If invoking gabriel for example and then wanting to evoke lucifer, will this cause any problems?

Although the LBRP may be seen as a RHP JC concept, and therefore counter-intuitive to use with darker energies, this is not my experience.

I see the ritual as a way of encouraging (invoking) or banishing elemental energies. I focus far more on the element of the quarter rather than the origin or personality of the godform.

I would naturally be evoking in the North for Luciferian magic, although some may see the east as more appropriate.

As others have said, the purpose of banishing is to clear the area BEFORE you begin to evoke, but again I see no problem in invoking the lords of the four quarters for their elemental assistance before you begin the ritual proper, so long as you banish at the conclusion.