Lesser Banishing Ritual - Kabalistic Cross

Does anyone else have their lives go to pot and have really bad luck, after performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual and Kabalistic Cross?

I’ve never heard of this. Maybe you didn’t properly close out the ritual or skipped a step altogether.

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Not that I’m aware of.

No, but amongst the reason for this happening there may be the necessity to balance the Lesser Banishing Ritual with Lesser Invoking Ritual (years ago I’ve read a web article generally addressing the issue). For example, by doing the latter once awake and the first before sleep.

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If I remember correctly, Donald Michael Kraig actually advised against this (in Modern Magick) I could be wrong though.

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If you want another Pentagram Ritual to banish you might want to try the Star Ruby. With the screaming and bellowing it can give a truly noticeable relief of tension.

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I’m sure I’m doing it correctly. I was taught by an excellent Golden Dawn practitioner.


Thank you. I’ll give this one a try.
I usually put a circle of white light around me before any working and dissolve it after. Works wonders for me.