Lesser Banishing Confusion

At the end of the LBRP what does it say?
I saw a video by E A Koetting where it sounds like he is saying
“Within me burns the pentagram of the 6th great star”
Where as another site called it “6th layered star”
So I looked at Donald Micheal Kraig’s book and was like I bet he can sort out this confusion.
He said that it said “6-rayed star”
What is the actual technical phrase?
And what does it mean?

It is a reference to the six directions and I am not sure there is a universal technical phrase to it. Basically drawing the power of all the elements from the four main directions North, East, South, and West, but vital divine energy of the two polarities, positive from above and negative from below which represent Will and Imagination respectively at least as far as I use them which unites you with the universal divine power.


Koetting says “6 rayed star” and I always heard it like this.

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You banish by invoking the Higher. So, the fifth pentagram is an invoking one. Visualize the energy coming from above, entering through your head (spirit) going to your right foot (earth) up to your left hand (water) over to your right hand (air) into your left foot (fire) and returning to your head.
I think it’s logical to continue the flow of energy, by visualising an invoking Unicursal Hexagram. Going from your head to your throat (Saturn) to your left hip (Venus) across to your right shoulder (Mars) over to your genital area (Luna) to your left shoulder (Jupiter) across to your right hip (Mercury) back up to your throat and then down to your heart (Sol).

At least that’s how I see it.

Oh he says 6th rayed star? That is the video I saw, it sounds like he is saying “6th great star”
but you are probably right.