Leper - Like Curse

I’m looking for a curse or hex that will separate my subject from the herd. I want all her aquaintances and family relations to crumble. I wish them to run from her life as if she had leprosy. Can anyone point me in the right direction to this end. Details are requested. Please advise.

Are you looking for this to be permanent or temporary?

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But if temp isn’t an option. I’ll take permanent. The situation involves the safety of an infant.

I have two incantations that causes virus like syptoms. It would be temporary.

But is it her infant ? Because if she’s sick that would put the infant in worse care.


The infant would be in the care of the father in such a case. They are separated.

Could you PM me the details. Thank You.

I’ll send it too you when I get home. I’m away at the moment.


Thank You so much Arianna. I hope to repay the favor someday.

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Pm sent

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curious on the details of this. I have a issue that continues to pop up in my life. Someone had threw the thought that my other half was not our youngest real father. Since then that has come up far to often- this person that threw out that thought had been trying to nail the fuck out of my husband. I of course cock blocked her - called her husband and started showing up where she works to stare her down. She is still a FB friend of my other half. This fucking thought is a cancer in our lives my young son is suicidal because he over a comment last year, he has extremely low self esteem. I want to have her and her clan fucking rot like lepers (PS she has no children to care for- and she is a homewrecker)