LeonS.Gill Art & Music

I had some more projects out there…I’m still workin on it and would release it In Future…

Sounds good.

Can i Share other Good Music too…which is not of my own

Go for it. It’s your thread. Mods might move this to journals, otherwise you aren’t barred from posting media.

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This One Really touches The Heart:

You make Music too???

Yeah bro. I’m kind of a big deal. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Ok i’ll check when I went home … my headphones are a t home

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I’m In Car right now … i hope You understand2

BTW…who is your Idol

Some of my favorite producers:

Flying Lotus
Dr. Dre
Quincy Jones
James Yancey

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My Idol is One and Only The King

Your Soundcloud link please

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I’m at Home now

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It was kinda spooky
Gave me Chiils

No you’re spooky.

track was awesome

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Can you teach me Mastering

I can’t. Go on youtube.

So why didn’t you PM me? :thinking:

Anyway yeah you can post YouTube videos that embd, upload art, only prohibited thinbg is linking to sites that are stores or blogs that have a store link visible on the page we land on if we click.

I’m going to retitle your topic because it’s silly making it about me when it’s your art.