LeonS.Gill Art & Music

Before Posting that i thought it would be better to ask …

So as i’m a Music Producer i create Music and I would like To ask Lady Eva that is that Ok if I could share My Music on forum to share Positive Vibes


And My other Artistic Works like Inspirational Drawings etc…

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Drop your IG bro.

You mean Instagram


You can put your link in your profile.


It’s a YouTube channel

Where is it though? I wanna hear some tunes.

Ok here it is :

This One is when I first started
I made this as a Tribute to My School Crush…m​:innocent::woman::couple_with_heart_woman_man:

This One for My Epic Girl:


Our Wedding Song:

This One for Our Wedding

Nice compositions. I hear your stuff and I immediately think videogames and film scores, not rap or other stuff like that.

The poor mixing and mastering is really hurting you though. This will sound nuts given the proper treatment. How long you’ve been making music? Any specific genres you looking to go into?

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Brother Actually this stuff i made when I was just a Beginner…

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I made all this In Fun…

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I dig it bro. Your stuff is pretty good. No need to downplay it. Do you have newer material?

Yeah…but in project forms i Didn’t rendered it yet

I hear ya. I’m looking forward to it. Please keep updating this thread.


I would like your Opinion which one was best…

Noor 11, of course. It’s beautiful.

The others sound like interludes or demos, so I’m assuming you’re working on longer versions, no?