Lenormand reading Help


I’ve recently done a Lenormand reading on what a romantic interest thinks of me currently. For context, we’re both interested in eachother, but are not talking much do to a busy period for us both.

The cards are:

Coffin, Stars, Sun.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Without further context this looks very promising. The coffin and stars situation is actually a pointer towards a positive transformation; her hopes will be answered, so to speak. (since you’ve expressed a mutual interest: check). Maybe she wasn’t in a good state of mind in the beginning (stress, depression, a loss of a former relationship?) but dared to hope or have positive romantic thoughts about you?
The sun indicates that this transformation wants to turn into an (emotionally) gainful happy end.

(Maybe you should let your person know once in a while that she is still in your thoughts even if you both don’t find the time to communicate intensely for whatever reason, to nurture this bond)


Interesting and very accurate, too! We’re both really busy with exams and she is actually the one who mentioned how stressful this time is for her. She also told me that she’d rather cut down on the communication until the session is over, so I don’t distract her.

I actually have tried showing that I’m close, but I fear being too pushy, so I’m being respectful and letting her contact me back when she feels more at ease.

I had feared the coffin was not a good sign for the spread, at first. Phew.

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Hello, people. Me again with requesting some more reading assistance. Topic is always the same, as in possible romantic interest.

I recently have done another reading to get an update on the situation. To be precise, “How is my current relationship with Her”. This is what I got:

Bear, Heart, Star.

Obviously, I can tell it’s good, I think? But I’d like some more insight that I can’t quite seem to grasp.

The situation remains the same: periodic contact with eachother due to a busy time for both. About a weekly check in is the extent of our talking, currently. We haven’t had an actual conversation in almost a month.

Any thought appreciated.


From these three cards alone I would interpret the situation like this:

The heart and the star together indicate that currently you don’t have to worry about a romantic “rival” (she is probably still too busy to be receptive about other people in her life anyway, haha). Its currently good as it is. But the bear card demands some kind of strength/dominance over the situation at some point (as far as I understand you both want to take this relationship actively further?) or else it could fade out into some kind of lukewarm “situationship” :thinking:


Hmmm, that’s a worry of mine, so it makes complete sense. I also very often find the Bear card in my readings. I wonder what that means? Lol.

We should soon be free, in about three weeks or so, so maybe that’ll be my time to shine. I’ll have to see what to do in the meantime.

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Hello, peeps. Back at it again with more help!

So, I made this reading on how is my current relationship with someone new I’ve been talking to:

Man, Fox, Tower.

Seems bad, but I don’t wanna be too pessimistic.

I also asked how does this person view from the relationship perspective and I got:

Star, Coffin, Garden

Lastly, I asked if the current situation is favorable to me:

Whip, Birds, Star

Star two times in a row. I can’t figure if it’s the end of my success or a possible coming of it. Driving me kinda nuts

Just a quick glance without knowing all too much context:

Someone’s got some serious secrets going on and isn’t honest about something. Could be the person, could also be you :thinking:

That looks as if the person gave up on the whole thing before it even started out properly.

Looks like many many arguments waiting for you guys, fam (maybe because of the dishonesty in reading number one), despite wanting to do better.


Always fascinates me how they get a lot right. Thankfully, I tried diverting some of the possible problems and it has all been better.

Done a few other readings on my own, which recommended caution but asserviteness. Just done this one, though, on how I should proceed with this person:

Ship, Tower, Boquet.

No idea what this means.

You won’t like this answer but from this spread the person makes the impression that they enjoy being alone right now.

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I see. Is it more like those moments where people enjoy solitude or is it just wanting to stay away from me? I’d opt for the former.

If I would take the three card spread as my information source I would also opt for the former (the ship as a symbol of how someone “moves” in their life accompanied by the tower AND the bouquet would point towards simply enjoying moving alone in general) :slight_smile:

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The relationship has been progressing steadily, I’d say.

Today, I asked how is the current situation, to get a read on the overall state of it:

Heart, Letter, Ring.

I’ve taken a liking to interpreting the middle as the significator and the side ones as the modifiers. This would mean that I’ll receive news regarding the relationship?

Lenormand oracle cards are best for short-term future predictive readings, not to read how someone feels about you.

You’ll have a lot of trouble figuring out what these cards could mean when it comes to feelings, because it’s not the right deck for it.

When it comes to feelings, I’d recommend using traditional Tarot cards.

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Hello Love–it looks like you will soon receive some news or a form of communication, perhaps regarding a date of sorts? Rings usually signify purpose or commitment.

As Above, So Below,

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As Above, So Below,

I’m back here again looking for some clarification about a few readings I did about a friend of mine I’m starting to like. I asked the same two questions on different days.

So, my first question was: what are their feelings towards me? I got first:

Moon, Flowers, Dog;


Book, Dog, Letter;

As far as I could understand, they see me as a friend (close friend, maybe?) about whom they are learning something. Not sure. Double Dog tells me I’m probably in the friend zone for now, haha.

Second question was, what is their opinion of me? Cards:

Birds, Tower, Scythe


Park, Mice, Crossroads;

These really got me stumped, because, whilst the questions on feelings seem pretty positive, the opinion ones don’t.

What do y’all think?

Without knowing too much about the nature of your current friendship I would interpret this bit of opinion as that you’re coming off as nervous, chaotic or unstable (do you change the way you behave a lot often? Do you go hot and cold for seemingly no reason? Do your opinions about stuff change a lot?) and not very in touch with your emotional side to her (do you cut other people off of your internal world? Do you shut them out when it comes to what you feel?).

I will treat this bit of opinion not as isolated but directly intertwined with the first bit.
She thinks that you’re displaying an unhealthy way to deal with your emotions or feelings (as the Garden card is usually a display of society and social interaction I would suggest that this is directly related to the very strong Tower-Scythe row. Isolation, cutting people off, shutting them out, maybe refusing help from others), that you’re probably giving in to strange advices or rules from other sources and that you’re limiting yourself and your potential like this. For some reason I am instantly thinking about internet communities that are explaining to other people how people work or coaches who are making money of folks who aren’t in touch with their own needs and feelings, here.

Keep in mind that this is probably not the whole extent of this persons opinions about you but rather something that came through as a strong tendency for now. It looks like something your person notices strongly about you at the moment.

I’ll answer those questions in a moment. But first, what about her feelings about me? How would you say they connect?

I would interpret this as genuine gratitude for your friendship or your place in her life. She might be wondering if you’re as grateful as well, though.

Here I would think that she might struggle with letting you know the whole truth or some aspect about her that she is keeping to herself for now. She isn’t quite sure if you would still remain in her life if you’d know her a lot more better; the letter in that row points towards an urge of her to express herself more truthfully or more authentically to you.