Lenormand reading Help


I’ve recently done a Lenormand reading on what a romantic interest thinks of me currently. For context, we’re both interested in eachother, but are not talking much do to a busy period for us both.

The cards are:

Coffin, Stars, Sun.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Without further context this looks very promising. The coffin and stars situation is actually a pointer towards a positive transformation; her hopes will be answered, so to speak. (since you’ve expressed a mutual interest: check). Maybe she wasn’t in a good state of mind in the beginning (stress, depression, a loss of a former relationship?) but dared to hope or have positive romantic thoughts about you?
The sun indicates that this transformation wants to turn into an (emotionally) gainful happy end.

(Maybe you should let your person know once in a while that she is still in your thoughts even if you both don’t find the time to communicate intensely for whatever reason, to nurture this bond)

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Interesting and very accurate, too! We’re both really busy with exams and she is actually the one who mentioned how stressful this time is for her. She also told me that she’d rather cut down on the communication until the session is over, so I don’t distract her.

I actually have tried showing that I’m close, but I fear being too pushy, so I’m being respectful and letting her contact me back when she feels more at ease.

I had feared the coffin was not a good sign for the spread, at first. Phew.

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