Legitimate movies/shows about demons

Anyone know of a legitimate TV shows, documentaries or movies about demons (not ghosts, poltergeists, actual demons) without the religion/christian babbling?

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Nah, everyone I’ve seen always has the same type of Christian bs. I used to love paranormal shows but they literally blame demons for pretty much everything


Hm “Lucifer” Tv show is good


King Paimon is pretty heavily in a recent horror movie called “hereditary” though they present him more like a scary ghost or something

I liked Devils Candy.
On the outside it looks like Belial is trying to take over this man’s life and kill his kid but if you look at the whole story he’s actually helping the dad with his financial life and trying to warn him about a crazy nut who is out to kill his kid.

Belial also tells the father where to find all the other kids this nut did succeed in killing.

Not Belial’s fault the father can’t handle Daemonic energy.


It’s totally false how Hereditary portrays King Paimon. However, that movie did bring King Paimon into popular culture.


Yes, I loved that show too! Have you seen season 4 on Netflix? I haven’t yet but want to–that actor who plays Lucifer is too delicious!


Those paranormal shows are such B.S. Most of them rig things up and feed off each other. If a demon or spirit ever did truly manifest in front of any of those fools they’d sh*t their pants! Actually that’s not a bad idea to make that happen! :slight_smile:


We live in a primarily Judeo-Christian culture (Christianity did conquer most of the known world, after all) so the most prominent mythology we have is the one where demons are seen as “bad.” That is why movies and television portray the Christian ideal about them, and rarely show the other side. It is only within the last few decades that more people are exploring the mythology from a different POV within the mainstream (the TV series Lucifer, for example, is based on a comic book written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC’s “adult” Vertigo imprint, but is not part of DC’s main comics universe, where the bad guys always lose). I think, as more producers see how profitable a rewriting of the dominant mythology can be, we will see more and more vehicles for exploring the more expansive, and complex dynamics of demons.


As I have said in a previous thread, just avoid “Hollywood” and the mainstream altogether.

We should make our own films! Go the indie movie route! Saw how “Blair Witch Project” did years ago? What about all these damn fanfic “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” films all over the Internet? If they can put this crap out, why can’t we?

Speaking of…

When is BALG going to start making films and TV shows? There is obviously a profitable audience for it! Are you reading this @E.A? @Timothy? Come on now! The platform already exists. Use it.

I have said similar in another thread before.

If we are truly “Living Gods”, then we should have no problem coming up with our entertainment content “exploring the more expansive, and complex dynamics of demons”, angels, gods and goddesses, and the other realms.

Just a thought.