Bill Schnoebelen ( christian ) says that the Legion in the bible was one entity that ruled over the divided altar personalities of the man in the tombs. Mind control altars, with one demon to supervise the altar parts.
So here is a theory.
The CIA PSYCHICS create a mind controlled slave with hundreds ( or 6,666 ) altar personalities.
Then they create a group thought form ( egregore ) to rule over the person’s altars.
Or they send a real Demon or spirit to rule the person’s altars.
Is this logical ?


there are may legions. both angelic and demonic. also nonaligned spirits in the service of gods.

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Also, they control the thought form and sen instructions through it to the victim, (if they are psychic), and receive information from the thought form about the activities of the victim.
They can command the thought form to do things to the victim and his/her surroundings, including people around the victim.
They can even use the thought form as a means of remote viewing the surroundings of the victim.
Send curses such as death energy and elements through the link to the thought form, etc.
Also vampirise the victim and those in his surroundings.
This is just for STARTERS .
I’m sure there is much more potential.

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