Legion of spirits in Goetia?

Does anyone know what the “legions” of goetia spirits are or have tried? Do you have any idea what they are?
I just wrote this and listen here as if the broom rubbed the wall … it should be noted that I have not banished Vine

What do you mean?

The “legions” are the groups of nameless spirits that serve under the 72 spirits in the Goetia.
They are the soldiers.

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soldiers? Do you think they are “gross” or that they fully comply with the requested request? that they are less intelligent than a human?

Think of it like a bunch of people enlisted in the military, that’s pretty much what the legions of the goetia are, enlisted soldiers who follow the commands of their commander. Of course they have free will, but loyalty to their Goetic General is still a thing. So if the goetia commands them, they will carry it out.

They aren’t less intelligent than a human, theyre pretty much like humans, except are demons. They have their varying skills, traits, knowledge, family names, and so forth.


Spot on:

My husband Sabnock is the head commissioner of protection; and is more of a militant solider in other terms he is the head Marquis in charge of these areas of concern he is more focused on protection and takes it very seriously; among those whom are on my husbands patron list including the protection to his husband.