Legion 49

howdy all.

i was intending to work with the Tuba Veneris, but i can’t be bothered right now. for personal reasons, i’m going to start work with Legion 49. for those familiar with the book, you would know that the sigils provided are of… questionable origin. still, the practise is sound, from an austin osman spare point of view, so i may as well give it a try. i’ve got the required names anyhow, so i can always make a new set of sigils if need be, or not use sigils at all.

this will be my own personal gnosis and i will post as i am able (and with the spirits’ cooperation), over the next several weeks as there are, after all, forty-nine spirits to evoke and i don’t plan on evoking every day. most days, but hell, give me a break.

i’m expecting a lot from this grimoire, but i’m not a master scryer so don’t take my reports as gospel or anything.

anyone else with experience with belzebuth and his legion is invited to contribute.

kind regards, james.

The sigils are legit, they were highly praised by someone I know to be the real deal. Though beyond that, the information in the book mostly just seems to by a history of the mythology of beelzebub.