Left Hand Path

Not new to the Left Hand Path, I have been very interested in it from an early age, 24 now. I have usually kept an altar and burned candles. The past year or so I have been wanting to delve further into astral projection but have not had good success despite my efforts. I feel a very strong pull towards Mars, and the demons I wish to contact will be within that sphere hopefully. I focus my energy towards hunting, and attuning my spirit with that of a hunter, and also shapeshifting in dreams. I have drawn up a sigil of Andras and meditated on it recently because I feel I am very drawn towards him. (my first attempt at demon magic).

I have lucid dreamed with what I think was MARS (UGUN), (my family is cuban and we commune with these spirits). He came to me as a black man weilding a gun, and a machete, and whever he is in my dreams I gain lucidity. I became a great black wolf with black tendrils coming out of my body, and for the other dream I started to fly over the city.

I have shapeshifted successfully in a number of dreams so far, becoming a goshawk and a wolf.

I would like to delve further in this but it seems my meditating yields little success. Should I be chanting? My boyfriend is not into this stuff at all and I think i would probably bother him if I did it and thats why I havint done much formal ritual besides leaving offerings of blood wine and candles.

Any advice would be appreciated, also into the vampirism aspect, using “tendrils” and inhaling other peoples energy, which seems to work for the time being.

Thanks for reading


I would say start on wards, shielding, grounding, invoking and banishing elements.

By the way, for vampirism and baneful magic, I’m putting together a group working that you might be a good fit for one of the teams :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I would be interested in doing group work