Left Hand Path

Does anyone knows methods, formulas or books on how to work with Hindu demons through LHP? I would love to try working with them.

The LHP in Hinduism is called Vamachara. There is no one way to do it - from the Kaulas to the Aghoris, everyone has a different system of working with the more fierce Tantric deities. I would suggest reading the section on Hinduism from Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen Flowers. The reason this ground work is important is to understand the basic essence of the LHP in Hinduism. While you can certainly use Western esoteric methods and apply it to LHP Tantric Gods and Goddesses, safety is still paramount. Some aspects of Shiva - like Mahakala and Kala Bhairava, for example, can be very dangerous to evoke in your living room without a guru or significant spiritual preparation.


Does this section you’re talking about available on this forum?

It’s a book. We don’t trade books here.

Was asking to be sure so I can continue with my knowledge seeking

No worries, man. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. But I never knew Hinduism evocations can be done in the western way.

(While you can certainly use Western esoteric methods and apply it to LHP Tantric Gods and Goddesses)

Can you please enlighten me more on this, because it my first time of getting to know there’s is a way, formula, methods or rituals that can be performed in the western way to evoke or contact the Hindu Gods and Goddesses on the LHP.

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Demons of the Flesh by Nikolas and Zeena Schreck.


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