Left hand path workings with angels (Without the JCI)

I was wondering what your thoughts are on this, I have found time and time again angels to be quite Christian, like much more so than everybody here ever seems to experience. This is a Gnosis of mine that I don’t think anyone has agreed on, but I just keep finding it.

Also more and more my demon and demon types are saying to stay away from theme entirely. Which…I’m doing more of but don’t wish to do, pretty for sure.

Is there a way to by pass the JCI parts of their stream?

My two thoughts or suggestions is to just sing their name until they come.
Downside, they aren’t Hindu Gods and saying their name like a mantra can get super annoying to them.

Thought 2, evoke their demon equivalent.

Anyways I am especially annoyed with using the invocation psalms right now, all the Hebrew influence kind of some days but mostly the invocation pslams right now.

Anyways those are my two thoughts.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Just go back a bit - xtianity plagiarized all sorts of things to cobble that religion together, so the angels are also entities older than xtianity, think of them as culturally appropriated and connect to a ‘truer’ image in your mind :slight_smile:

just sing their name until they come

Yeah and then ask it to give you your own personal sigil, or straight up ask it questions from there.


Okay so between working with Belial and Lucifer, here are some things that I have been learning, that there are many Gods from the past, often found in various traditions. That it could be argued that the shadow work perspective is the real answer, that all these Gods hold power over us because we allow them too. That Belial can help us remove our chains from those things.

That much of these Gods essentially relate to astrology and is powerful magically because it is a road map of the stars, and even atheists fall under it’s spell on some level because so many people follow it, either because of ancient astrology or because it helps out with space travel for people beyond ours, or various religions, that stories are often powerful because they are built on a template of power, so many of the stories in the bible are re tellings of other stories in earlier times so it relates to our collective unconsciousness on a primal level. That stories today are successful when they follow the heroes journey, or some old story based in greek mythology or the Bible, that stories unrelated to religion or seemingly like Batman which I once heard was based on some Greek Olympus story though I for get which one, but that the Joker by retelling of the story is Godifying like in the days where all they had for tv was astrology, that new depths of his character is being brought to life in new and profound ways that he would be a great character for a chaos magician to evoke today?

Anyways that being said, with the Goetia, it was a way to capture the Gods with Solomans magick, but perhaps in a way the angels are captured as well under the psalm invocations.

I’m not in a position to undo my chains until another part of my pact is complete, perhaps the most unlikely part to have success in, but Lucifer is saying there might be some hope as of now.

Anyways by doing it this way, would this free the angels and demons and I to work with each other outside that controlling paradigm, or more outside that influence at least?

I don’t think they have power over us, but with us. I personally see Belial and Lucifer themselves as gods, not ‘demons’.

I’m not in a position to undo my chains until another part of my pact is complete

I don’t really get that, why you think you’re chained? What are you thinking and doing that you wish you weren’t? What restraint are these chains imposing exactly?
You’re already working with non-xtian paradigms, so, there’s no chains and no reason to tell yourself there are, surely?

Anyways by doing it this way, would this free the angels and demons and I to work with each other outside that controlling paradigm, or more outside that influence at least?

You already are. You’re like the caged animal that doesn’t know how to walk through the open door because you think you’ll get an electric shock, now knowing the electricity is now off.

You have to get it into your subconscious. Using tricks for CPTSD to train your subconscious as if you are undoing negative self-talk from an abusive relationship would probably help a lot.
Write the attitude you want to have, as a positive thought, and retrain yourself. Use positive imagery and wording only, and remind yourself often.

I’m currently working with an idea that the angels and demons are both daemons and divided polarities of the same energy. As such the 72 angels and 72 goetic demons can be worked with in pairs, and there is likewise an undivided one tree of life/death. Kurtis Joseph is doing a pathworking for this and you can get more info on it from his youtube channel… maybe look into that see if it helps?

It’s far removed from xtian language and dogma so it’s easier I think not to get triggered into that thinking.

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