Left hand path orders

does anyone know if nowadays there are orders of the left hand path like the Lucanian misanthropic order, dragon rouge and the order of phosphorus.
like does anyone know if these orders exist to appear physically and if they are still active?

I’ve seen quite a few , you can also check google

Tey seems are active in posts. The qestion is wen a order ask a fee, peopls claim its a joke, business etc, i tnk asena mason have a order, not sure fee but u must buy books. Im not intp paying a fee tp ling distance learning at least the guy, or person prpve or test my knwlge to see my advace on magick. I have pay 3,and only 2 were ok.

Several are active. However, whether they’re worth joining is another matter entirely.

Facebook is free to koin groups.