Left hand path dreams and journey seeking clarity

So I have had a series of dreams in the last year. Let me prefice this with saying Iam a country music song writer. I called out to the dark side last year for help with my career in a very in an unorthadox way. Meaning no evoctions methods were used.

The first dream my family and I were picked up in a limo by the very ruch guy. The guy was very charismatic. We was wearing what appeared to be a burgundy silk robe. He basically told me he was going to help me with my career. (I feel like what ever demon that is wanting me to committ some sort of homosexual act. Im not really into that Idk.) But he placed his hand on my thigh. 3 months later I had someone buy all music equipment I needed.

June 26th I was at work. Im listening to a song called dark horse by aaron watson. As soon as he says let your dark horse run the power goes out. For 4 seconds in my office. I walk to the exit and a lightning bolt strokes 200 yards in front of me. I look atbthe clock and its 333 and I realize im at a cross roads in my life.

Fast forward two weeks ago

In my dream i was at the dollar store.
I met a man who wanted to buy a clock I had just bought. We talked and he had a fiddle and showed it to me. I said may I play it? instantly I was able to play like a classical violinist. I was then in a room. With 3 beings They introduced them selves as God number 1 female godess number 2 a male and God number 3 a male. In the dream I began to have sex with the Gods and specifically was giving oral sex to the Godess. I woke up and heard a little time for alot of talent.

Im seeking clarity from those who have been on this path longer than I. Any insight or advice woukd much appreciated. Ty in advance. :v:

when I have a dream that has a message for me the first thought that comes to me when I wake up is to “remember it before thinking anything else” then I check on google dream dictionary and most of the times it resonates immediately and sometimes after a few weeks.
Only you will know how the meaning resonates based on feelings you had in the dream!

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