Led Zeppelin

“Jimmy Page famously dabbled in black magic and was always going on about Aleister Crowley, and I said to myself, ‘If they are going to use black magic to try to beat me on technicalities — well, two can play at that game.’”

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Jimmy page used to own Crowleys Boleskin house on Lake Lochness (where Crowley did abramelin).


I read that whole article in the in-between last night and I love and hate this guy at the same time.

Zep definitely ripped off their first two albums including Stairway yet I feel like this could be the cu de gras (or however that’s spelled) for rock history.

Jimmy Page did all sorts of stuff with Crowley’s current and it’s what got me dabbling with sigil magick a few years ago. I’ve got this sick horny attraction for being the most incredible occult fueled rock musician of this era and they definitely did that themselves.

Zeppelin with classic rock, Tool with 90’s rock, I want to revolutionize modern rock with it. What’s left of the scene anyways. Could use a good resurrection that would save music from it’s current horrific state of travesty.

Would be nice to put rap in the grave it belongs in and bring back expressive musical talent that goes beyond writing cleaver lyrics over a beat loop that took 10-30 minutes tops to click out from samples in Pro Tools

NF, Emenim and Hopsin are about all I like from the genre. I want to make something downright majestic. Emotion in the scope of a Beethoven symphony that people could still jam out to without it being an acquired taste. That’s why I started.

Anyone down to collaborate on making something incredible? Any drummers in the house? Guitar is my weapon of choice