Lecture Ideas?

Question for my fellow Operating Magicians…

I have been invited to give a 30 min. lecture of my choice to a group of esoteric gentleman, well versed in hermetic arts. I want to make a good impression and illuminate, sending the unspoken message to the LHP men in the room I am an ally - without scaring the hell out of the RHP in the group.

Any helpful suggestions as to a subject? This is important to me.

If I had to do something like this, I would find an area that both mindsets agree on to be my overall topic, and then only slightly indicate my own personal feelings using neutral terms that have “plausible deniability” should someone outright confront me and say “Are you one of those dastardly satanic types?” - exagerrating there for emphasis, of course. :slight_smile:

And perhaps keep things neutral enough to provoke new ideas in the RHP people, things they’d never considered before, which might open their minds.

Gah, my brain’s not at full capacity right now, if I get any brainwaves I’ll add them later. :slight_smile:

Is this at your lodge? I would say quoting Albert Pike is always a good one. I have one that is sort of Pike inspired. You can say it right out of the gate.

“Humanity as it is today, is but a bridge to an even further evolved, greater more godlike being. An entity that is the descendant, of those of us that through the will of the individual, marked the most important turning point in the chosen direction of the self evolution of mankind.”

Or something like that. Any LHP will get it right away but any RHP will just say
"Oh, that’s nice"

I would think Planetary Magick would be pretty neutral ground?

two contrasting group as always seen…

My suggestion…
Let your main point be:
Leading Your Own World/Environment
(just the same as being a god and being one with nature) or you might want to use more exciting words, carving your path, mastering life, or maybe you can think of more better words(neutral words as our friends here have said)

That idea is old for them?
What message are you refering to?

In terms of lecture material, I’d agree with chef that planetary magic would be neutral ground. If you’re looking at evocation specifically, I’d say the spirits as opposed to the intelligences.

But if that’s old news/you don’t want specifically neutral material, you could always try using a thoughtform (Uncle Chuckie’s term). Place it in the room and, for the duration of your lecture, have it scan those who share a similar mindset with you, and then have it broadcast a feeling of kinship (in my experience, messages you try to send with thoughtforms can be interpreted vastly differently, but feelings are pretty universal).

Link to his site and his free ebooks: http://www.charlescosimano.com/